Octavia vRS mk2 - Eibach or H & R

Moley RUFC

Up in the Lickeys........
Nov 20, 2006
Hi Damian,

I am just about to order a Octavia vRS 2.0 diesel. I was going to spec the Eibach 30mm springs for my vRS but having seen a car with them on they didn’t look low enough for me. The Skoda brouchure states a drop of 20mm for the vRS on the Eibach (E10-79-004-02-22) as the vRS is already slightly lower than the rest of the range.

I don’t want a chavvy look as I do best part of 30,000 miles a year but I would like a drop of about 25/30mm for a good sporty squat look. I don’t want to change the OEM dampers but at the same time don’t want to cause undue stress to them by having it to low. I’m not fussed about the harder ride as my current car Leon FR mk2 is as hard as anything!!!

Can you advise the best option, I have seen some H & R 35mm springs (29261-1) and wonder if they would drop to 25mm if the 30mm Eibach’s are quoted as dropping to 20mm on a vRS or would I need to go further 40/50mm to get a full 20mm drop?

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