P2015 error code on Seat Leon mk2 fr CR 2010 facelift

Jun 8, 2022
I have recently had the p2015 error code appear on my car. I have ordered the repair bracket from online and viewed many videos on YouTube of people installing the bracket including the Dieselgeek. However the main problem I have is the bolts are behind the actual motor and are facing towards the back of the car whereas all the videos of the installation of the bracket show the bolts facing the front of the car.

I have a plastic manifold. I have taken the manifold off to gain access and I ordered this part https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/32485520...MIw8jZ9v2d-AIVwY9oCR32qQ1zEAQYAiABEgLI9fD_BwE

Now the problem I have is the part is not fitting correctly like it is in most of the videos online and it is impossible to get the bolts in. Has anyone else faced this problem and has any solutions ?

Could it possibly be that I need a different sort of bracket?

Any help will be appreciated


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May 12, 2013
Yeah you've got the wrong bracket. That's the one for the metal manifold.

If you search on eBay for P2015 plastic manifold bracket you'll find the correct part and see the difference between them.

You want one like this:
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Jun 8, 2022
Thanks for the response. Appreciate it.
I knew there was something wrong with that part I maanaged to fit it with some sort of alteration and the error code went but then came back a couple of hours later.

Just to confirm with the part you have posted that should most likely remove the error code ?
Aug 21, 2022
Hi guys, this is my first time on this site - or any car site for that matter. I am so glad to finally see someone post about those bolts facing the wrong way, thus making it not possible to do the fast fix with the bracket for P2015. I can see that Seatfixit mentioned taking the mannifold off and after watching youtubes on similar engines it looks far beyond my capability for DIY car fixes.. i've done more than I imagined I could after lockdown taught me youtube mechanics lol but this maybe too far. Am I correct thinking this is quite difficult for our Seat Leon mk2 engines or is there some link to how to do this enabling me to add this bracket onto mine to stop this stupid error code? Thanks in advance, appreciate sites like this and the help offered by complete strangers. Have a good one


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Apr 27, 2013
I have a CEGA engine and it wasn't easy to do. You'll need to disconnect the fuel rail, hope the studs on the inlet don't snap. I had one break off. Pull the glow plug leads out.

Mine just didn't feel like they would budge. Pull the hose from the intercooler to inlet and disconnect the EGR valve pipe. Factor in cleaning the EGR and inlet as it makes sense while they are off and you are in to the best part of the day. You'll need the VW 12 point star sockets for the EGR and fuel rail.

If you work methodically then it's straight forward. You will need VCDS to clear the code and also to fill the fuel rail when it's back together.
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