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Paint & Interior Fabric Protection for new SEAT Leon?

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Aug 2, 2013
I'm a Newbie and this is the first online forum I have subscribed to, so I'm sorry if I've posted the following in the wrong section - I have also posted this under "Car Care & Detailing", so I must also apologise if I'm not supposed to duplicate new threads:

My new SEAT Leon FR TSI1.8 DSG is due for delivery at the end of October, and the dealer is trying to persuade me to pay extra for Supaguard Paint & Fabric treatment. Does anyone know if this is really worth it, as I have heard that garages make a large profit on these treatments and also if it isn't done properly, that the paint finish can end up permanently damaged? I also don't like the idea of treating the Alcantara upholstery with anything that might in anyway change the colour or texture of the fabric or make it feel sticky. Another SEAT dealer tried to sell me an alternative brand of the same type of treatment, so I would really appreciate any useful advice. I intend to look after the car and clean it regularly myself and I will not have any passengers who are likely to mess up the interior, so I don't need a substitute for my own care of the car.


Nobody pays for this...it's something you keep telling them you don't want until they throw it in for free. I got GardX on mine, and didn't pay a penny for it :)
Jul 29, 2013
Check out the car detailing section. Best off avoiding all that and giving it a good polish then applying a sealant. Klasse make a good one.


all you need is here------ detailingworld . com
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