Parts Compatibility


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Nov 7, 2017
Hello Guys,

I paying around in my mind on a Possible project.
I do not have much experience with SEAT vehicles so I would appreciate some help here.

Are the 2010 Leon parts like engine, DSG box with all the bits and pieces including dashboard clocks etc.
Can be fitted to a Altea XL or freetrack?

I know Freetrack in other EU countries was on sale with DSG and with the EU5 211 BHP TSI engine, But in the UK the second generation Freetrack not available at all.

My intention is to build one my self, but Alteas very rare here with the EU5 2.0 TSIi engine and with DSG However I can buy a modified Leon 2010 so it would come with the latest dash and electrics and specially with the right gearbox engine combo I need.

Should I give it up?

My other option is to import one but that maybe not valuable.
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