PCL Issues & Car Tracking

Jun 15, 2022
Hi all

I'm new here!

I've leased/ordered a Formentor last November on a pipeline order. I've had the carrot dangled for months, first approx delivery date was March '22, then May, then August, then June now its been pushed back to December!

I think I managed to bag a pretty good deal and I'm afraid the leasing company is now bumping my order back in favour of orders bringing more money in. Is there a way I can request the order details so I can track for myself rather than rely on what I am being told?

In May I was advised the dealer had been in touch with the leasing company and they expected delivery to myself by the end of June. In my naïve opinion I would expect the car to be either manufactured or nearly manufactured with the dealer now involved.

Yesterday I received a call to say the latest update now shows expected delivery to be mid December, blaming wiring loom shortages. Surely if an update in May stated expected delivery by end of June the wiring loom should be already in the car!?

Anyway, I don't trust the leasing company and want to know if I have the right to request the order details and can I track the build with Cupra myself. Hopefully by doing this it ties the hands of the leasing company from bumping my order further back.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, its really getting me down.
Nov 4, 2022
I disapprove of my leaning back seat.. it used to have the option to conform to a L-formed position (around 90 degree), yet presently I cannot push it to front now, as in the seat is more leaned back than straight-up. sorry im not certain I make sense of it well.