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Pcv blank plate yes or no?


Active Member
May 27, 2019
Hi all ive recently bought a 2011 leon cupra been looking at various bits for it and seen the pcv blank kits i like the look of them but just wondering are they any good. Are they a good idea to fit or not and are there any associated problems from having one.
Thanks in advance and looking forward to seeing your opinions


I only wanted a remap
Staff member
Jul 7, 2015
I've also considered this on many occasion. From what I see, people buy them, fit them. Loads of smoke comes out the exhaust. People take to the internet, complain about the smoke. Remove them and buy the latest rev R. Which is what I've done.


Active Member
Feb 12, 2019
As Legojon said above, I've only heard bad things and issues (mainly smoke out the exhaust) from PCV deleting. Call up TPS or your local dealer for parts and get the latest revision. I replaced my PCV in Feb this year and I've had no issues. 5-10 min job to replace it.

Make sure to get a new gasket if you get a new PCV.
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