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Polybushed front arms


Hi all

Just fitted some powerflex bushes to my front lower arms but only done the rear bushes.
It might be in my head BUT I think the ride height has changed, I think it might be higher.
Has anyone else noticed this after polybushing? My cupra r is on eibach springs, the old bushes were coming away from the cups.



Active Member
Aug 23, 2013
tbh mate you are probs right as the std bushes are quite a soft rubber so with squash more and the new aftermarket bushes are tougher rubber.


Yeah, they are deffo stiffer but I didn't think it would affect the ride height that much, gutted if it has :-/


Hmm, when I fitted them I didn't have the wheels on the ground before doing all the bolts up tight so will get it on a 4 post ramp and slacken them all the bolts off to see if that makes a difference. My friends have noticed it sits a lot higher too.
The old bushes had started coming unbonded to the cups so not sure whether that would have made my car lower than it should do.
Are the lower arm 16mm nuts camber adjustable? I've lined the nuts up with the ghost marks but had only just thought my camber might be out too.
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