Purchasrd this LUX st last week


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May 27, 2017
Hello all i have nt posted on here in ages sold my 19 plate 290 Gpf mystery hatch a year last june after 3 good years, bought the wife a new Xcellence lux 110 dsg what a brilliant daily it is, still got the FR 184 ST but now for sale , I bought this late 19 plate 14k mile 1 owner 300 Lux ST from Crewe Cupra . More than happy with it , but cant believe how SEAT have skimped on stuff around car, no boot carpet under spare wheel , no under seat storage bin on passenger seat( granted lux has elect driver seat pre 20 lux buckets, so no room due to motors for seat operation). No boot load cover handle finger spring flap. Just a open hole handle!. I fitted passenger side under seat storage box, boot carpet and fitted the finger flap handle. Shes the new family load lugger. Oh and put some Thule black wingbar edge on it for box and bikes
Regards Gary
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