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[Question] Diesel odometer on my petrol Ibiza


Hello everyone.

I need some help.

Right now I have a diesel odometer on my petrol Ibiza (0-200km/h 0-6500rpm against 0-200km/h 0-6000rpm).

My rev-counter isn't working (probably because it's from a diesel version).

Is there any way to put the rev-counter working (apart from replacing the odometer)?

Thank you.
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Apr 30, 2005
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Not something I've ever come across before but can I ask a question.

Why do you have a diesel odometer on a petrol Ibiza?


I have a diesel odometer on a petrol Ibiza because someone give me the diesel odometer when my original one decided to end his life. :lol:


I would say that there is a fault with the rev counter if it is not working as expected.

As there are plenty of examples of VW Caddys running with Ibiza dial clusters without issue.
Myself included. I have a diesel with GTI clocks now and apart from the redline marker being in a different place (higher on the Petrol than diesel ) There is actually no difference with the dials. It still reads the correct revs.

The bulb line at the bottom is the same for diesel and petrol. I had to move the ABS bulb indicator to the heater coil location. One issue of using the Ibiza dials in the Caddy was that the handbrake /low brake fluid light is on permanently. ( I still have to figure out to send the signal from the brake fluid reserve to the dials to stop this happening.
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