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Dec 13, 2007
I have owned my 05 FR from brand new & I still love it even though I have just lost a jacking point cover.
Anyway I recently had a new battery fitted and of cause I needed to recode the radio. I had done this once before but of cause had forgotten how to did it so I referred to the radio book which came with the car and thankfully has got the code I needed in it. But as we know life is never as simple as that, is it.
So today after putting it off I decided to do it per the book instructions but I still couldn't get it to work. After Goggling it I found a few people that said the instructions weren't correct so I think its worth posting here details how this evening I finally got it working to save others having the same problem.
After disconnecting the battery to try and clear the system I found I was no better off.
The radio was displaying the "safe " mode so per the book I kept trying to use the PTY button but I could not get the radio to bleep as the book said it should.
I then found a thread which said that you should place the key in the ignition with the radio on for one to two hours which would then take the radio out of " Safe " mode and instead " 1000 " would be displayed. So seeing this I pressed the PTY button again but still no bleep. Which meant another hour of waiting for the radio to go from "Safe " mode back to " 1000 ".
When it did I decided to use the 1 - 4 buttons on the right of the radio to enter the code. You press each of them to acquire the numeral you need re your radio code.
I then got to the point where I thought of using the PTY button again but in fear of yet again having to go through the procedure again I instead decided to press the " Scan " button which is also the number ! button and thankfully the radio started working again.
I would be interested to learn of others experiences in resolving this problem and hopefully also tell me why you can build up the number of attempts to recode the radio which makes the job even more difficult.
If nothing else I do hope this gives at least a bit more information to those the need it.
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