Raining inside my car - pictures available - doesnt seem to be the door

Nov 13, 2021
Hi guys,
I am pretty desperate. The passenger footwell is wet, it's been raining pretty hard the last days. I checked the doors and they don't seem to be the problem. I placed a tape to see if the water comes through the door and the tape is dry. I also checked the holes and seal under the door and cleaned everything.

So I sat in the car with heavy rain and saw it rain in my car! I've marked the drops on the pictures but I think you can see them. I also tried to power wash it to see if water would come in (also in the pictures).

I had a look at the pollen filter. It is dry. But I don't know how to take the base/ housing off. Because there is no water inside the AC, but around it it is moist. Also there is no blockage of the part that takes the water out of that area, so I am thinking about the base of the pollen filter ?!

Any ideas? Thank you


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Mar 22, 2016
Hello. I'd take the glovebox out and check the air cooling tubes. I've read a post in here about a split on a plastic join.
It seems a little drop.... you don't get a lot of water to soap the carpet do you?
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