Remote central locking not working on the key

Apr 22, 2019
I have just brought the car and the remote central locking key did not work put a new battery still no difference there is power to the board and the swtiches work ok but the led does not flash. Is it easy to have the board repaired or replaced as it only came with one key.




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Jun 17, 2011
try this mate.

Exact Procedure as described by VW elsawin To adapt manually, follow the steps described below.
Programming a key
1 - Introduce the key to be programmed into the ignition lock and keep it turned, for no longer than 5 seconds.
2 - Take out the ignition key. You have 20 seconds from now to programme the first key.
3 - Press and keep one of the key's buttons engaged.
4 - At the same time, press down 3 times on the other button, for no longer than 10 seconds.
5 - Release the first button which was being held down. The key warning lamp will flash five times. If the control unit accepts the programming for the key, the central locking system will operate, carrying out a complete cycle of opening and locking the vehicle, during which time the flashers will also go on.

Programming more than one key –
Once you've made the first key operational, it is possible to program up to three more, but without having to introduce the rest of the keys into the ignition lock. –
The programming time is again 20 seconds Repeat the above steps for each key. –
The control unit will indicate the correct programming of the second key by carrying out an opening cycle, of the third key by carrying out a closing cycle and of the fourth key by carrying out an opening cycle.

This seems to show that you press and release the first button then the press the other 3 times, as opposed to the method above where you hold and press.... You may have to try both methods but one should work. I'd start with this one myself.
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Jun 19, 2001
The remote part pulls away from the blade so easy replaced .

Just don't lose the immob chip inside.

I'd you only got one key I'd suggest looking at getting a spare even if it's a cheap cloned solid key always safer to have a back up .

The battery codes denote the size 20mm round 3.2mm thick hence 2x2016 fitting in

As said always had trouble back in day when they switched to single batteries
Apr 22, 2019
If I brought a 2nd hand key would I be able to take the board out of it and sync it to my car?
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