Remote Services - Cupra Connect

Feb 11, 2022
I understand that the remote services through Cupra Connect App and the on board SIM only last for 1 Year. Does this also include the ability to send navigation routes from the connect app to the car and also pre-conditioning, to set the desired interior temperature, or can these features continue after year 1?

Also, if you do have to extend the subscription to use these two functions, does anyone know how much?


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Oct 11, 2021
I am due for renewing right now.

At least in Switzerland, the price is 135CHF (about 120€) for a year and includes:
- Driving data
- Vehicle Status
- Speed notification
- Zone notification
- Anti-theft notification
- Parking position
- Remote locking/unlocking
- Remote light / honk
- Remote heating
- Vocal control
- Tidal
- Gas stations locations
- Remote maps updating
- Online itinerary calculation
- Parking spots
- Online trafic info
- Import destinations and itinerary online
- Apple Music
- Web Radio
- Vehicle Health Status

Some terms may not be the good ones since I had to translate on the fly :)


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Oct 11, 2021
Remote heating is the only thing I've used twice this winter (and it worked pretty well, I arrived the windows were unfrozen and car ready to go).

Beside of that I use Apple Car Play for everything else, driving data I was having a look during the 1 month of ownership and then never again...

So I also don't know, maybe I'll let it expire and see if I really miss anything.


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Oct 11, 2021
I don't know if I'll still get the system updates and if the garage will still be notified in case of error codes or if it's really going to cut the integrated internet connection that the car has at the moment.


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Jun 10, 2021
My Connect subscription is now due for renewal after 1 year. I have lost access to all of the features listed until this is renewed. I feel a hostage to fortune and was not impressed with VW Fin Services who told me it was not THIER issue and the talk to CUPRA Connec. They didn’t have a number and told me to look on the internet!

There are, I’m sure data implications here as my data has been collected by a third party and passed back to Seat, VW etc. Is my car still being accessed and the data used by VW group? Why do I pay my car is leased and they pay the VED?

Many more issues and questions - Any views or solutions?
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