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removing the drivers door card


Active Member
Jul 4, 2016
as above really anyone got any tips or advice/tools needed to remove drivers door card, I think the speakers been knocked lose by the last owner as it rattles with any bit of base but the others are fine so I know its not the setting, I know the door card on my mk2 wasn't too bad to do but not had chance to fiddle with the mk3 yet and it'll be dark doing in (under a work light) but would rather know the areas I need to target straight away to get it off :)

I'm grateful for any advice and tips :)


Active Member
Nov 4, 2016

I used this at the weekend as my door card wasn't on properly. They arent kidding when the say they are really tough clips. I used some fabric around the dash tool to protect the door and card and kept going. Still managed to break a clip :censored:
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Active Member
Jun 5, 2015
If you have a quick search of sound proofing on here there's a whole thread on this.
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