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Which Ateca version have you ordered?

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Ordered week 39, build week 46, delivery week unknown!

I seem to recall it takes about six weeks or so. Train from the Skoda factory, import, shipped over by boat, inspected in port then dealer invited to put in transporter to dealership. Customer services can look up progress on their system but so to can dealerships who know how to use it.
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This place has cost me a fortune....
Oct 2, 2018
We have a 67 plate Ateca Xcellence. We bought it at the end of 2017, its been a great car thus far.

Its a 190 4-Drive - an d I have to say in the recent snow it never skipped a beat despite being told by owners of "real" 4x4s you'll never get up that 16% gradient it managed it easily!

I have been a bit quiet since selling my MK2 Leon but I figure I will stick around! :)
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