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Seat Ibiza alloy wheels and winter tyres


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Mar 23, 2016
Set of four 16" alloys which are 5x100,7x16 and ET42.I bought these 3 years ago and they have been on my 2016 Ibiza during the winter.They are from an earlier Seat,but not sure of the model.
They always drove absolutely fine on my car (which is now sold).
The tyres are Michelin Alpin 5,205/45/16 and these have never been punctured,They are all worn evenly and all have between 6 and 7mm of tread.
The alloys are in excellent condition,as can be seen from the photos and come with the original Seat centre caps.They have recently been refreshed with new paint and lacquer and look good but on very close inspection there are a few blemishes which can be noticed if being very picky.

Price is £200,which I think is cheap bearing in mind the premium quality tyres were around £100 each.
Collection from Chesterfield,if you want them sent then you need to arrange a courier at your expense.
Email: [email protected]


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Jun 4, 2008
South Scotland
Maybe add in the SEAT p/n that is on the rear face as that clearly identifys these wheels.

I’ve always liked Michelin Alpins they do last a very long time!

Edit:- my location has been changed to Spain! Just because I’m on holiday in Barcelona.
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