Seat Leon 2017 FR ACT 150 1.4 Rear coil spring fell out while changing wheel


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Jun 4, 2021
Hi , While changing my rear wheel after a puncture I heard a bang and noticed the rear coil spring had came off and landed on the floor.
The car had previously had a new spring fitted a few months ago , I then noticed the upper spring rubber mounting was missing , So they had not fitted it back when replacing the coil spring ? Would the missing rubber have caused the spring to fall out ? I had jacked up the car with a trolley jack situated on the jacking point on the sill as stated in the manual. The garage don't want to know what advice does anyone give should I take it further ? The car is now booked in to my regular garage to have the mounting rubber replaced.

Many thanks for advice given as I'm worried about it coming out again when jacking car up


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May 30, 2019
There should be an upper and lower rubber spring support. Number 5 & 3.
The spring should not be able to fall out by simply jacking up the car.
upper 5Q0 512 149 F
lower 5Q0 512 297 D

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