Seat leon fr 2.0


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Oct 17, 2018
Hi guys I have just joined this forum as I'm looking at selling our leon fr 2009 model white, as it is not practical for my wife.we have had for just under year and half serviced etc and looked after has 101k on you see bodykit and on coilovers and that is about as much I know about cars ..just wanted to get to know what price I'll be looking at for it.thankyou.but I cannot seem to load a pic too large????

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Its easy to reduce the size of pictures using photo software on your phone or computer.

Just check auto trader for prices and put your advert up with looking for around XXX but open to sensible offers people will soon tell you if that is to much.

You should also put up where you live as if you are at the other end of the country to a potential buyer that makes a difference.

I also think it will help people if you give a full service history, What condition are the tyres in.
Has the water pump etc been replaced
DPM Performance