Seat Mii faded number plates



This is my first post so be kind!

Im after some help and advice really....

I own a just over 2 year old Seat Mii.

The number plates have started to fade very badly on both the front and the back.

When my car had its service i mentioned it and they said the plates are not a warranty part and that the problem is sun bleaching, when i said i don`t see any other newish cars with this problem they said that number plates can "go at any time".

Now i don't want to bash the British weather but its not been that sunny the last 2 years, its not as if the car is outside every day in Tenerife.

My local dealer said they can replace them for £20 a set but its a 50 mile round trip which would be a massive pain to go just to have them bolted on.

If anyone has any advice or thoughts i would be very grateful.

Thanks, Matt

(How can i upload a picture to show?)


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Oct 12, 2010
Just order some new ones online theres plenty of companies and designs to choose from etc then stick them on yourself it looks much neater than with screws in my opinion. Oops old post my bad!!
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Jan 8, 2015
Get yourself some better looking pressed plates for the same price, delivered to your door for free from eBay
Something like this
(Personally used and recommended)
You want to watch these pressed plates, while they claim they're 100% road legal I don't think they are and could land you with a fine or MOT failure if you get someone clued up.

It's due to the legislation stating the following "The plate must be made of retroreflecting material", which metal plates aren't apparently, they also don't shatter in accordance with BS standards.

Hotly debated subject.
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