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seat roadside assistance 2 years or 1?


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Dec 12, 2008
Recently bought a 4 month old Seat Leon demonstrator. Didn't actually realise there was roadside breakdown cover included for new cars for 2 years from the reg date. Although technically I have an 'approved used' car I guess as the seat dealer are the first owners. Does this mean I have 1 year from when I bought the car, or 2 years from the registration date (i.e. 1 year 8 months)? Anyone know?


"New SEAT’s are covered by a dedicated assistance programme called SEAT roadside assistance (including Europe) to give you the best possible advice and practical help. From the date of registration of your new SEAT, you can enjoy the benefits of SEAT assistance and the wide range of services it provides for a maximum of two years. If you have an Approved Used SEAT the cover is for a maximum of one year."


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Sep 28, 2013
Bicester, Oxon
I'm guessing by the wording it follows the vehicle, but if you have it serviced by Seat in the next 2 years (or as many years as you do it) you get it anyway.

You could phone the customer care 0500 222 222 for a definitive answer if nobody else provides it.


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Apr 21, 2012
it follows the vehicle, its first 2 years.

if you continue servicing at dealers, the online booking gives free roadside cover for 12 months
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