Second year service


Oct 23, 2018
My Ibiza FR is due it’s “2nd year service” as it’s nearing 20,000 miles. I’m just curious as to what is actually done in the ‘interim’ service. I know it isn’t classed as a major service but more of a middle ground between the minor and major services


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Mar 21, 2019
Nothing special, i was with mine month ago. They changed the oil, filter, + spark plugs . That´s all :). It should cost normally around 300-350€. I paid 250€ without filters, coz i have K&N already + cabine filter was new.

Mine have 2 years 55 000 km, and spark plugs seems to have some problem at cold stard, so i felt change immediatelly. (I got some error on 4th valve, due to bad spark plug) After service, car is as a new :).

That was my last warranty service, and other service i will be doing my myself ;)...


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Apr 17, 2019
Just oil and oil filter in my case. Also, technician said inspection has been done. I saw car battery report. 18500Km. I had changed cabin filter myself but returned VW one prior to service. I expected air filter to be changed but it wasn't. Not sure whether I should do it myself...

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