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Speakers not working on right hand side


Active Member
Jan 30, 2013

As the title says, the speakers are not working on the front drivers side speakers.

Would anyone know the most likely cause for this and what the best plan for fixing it would be?

Thanks in advance



The wires in the plastic/rubber sheath leading to the door may be broken/shorting out.
You may have a wire off the speaker.

You need to get the doorcard off and have a look. If the wires are OK to the speaker and both still attached, examine those going through the conduit from door to pillar.


Check the connections both ends ie head unit end and speaker end, if it all looks ok it could be the voice coil, take the speak out and get a square 9v battery put the positive from the battery onto one of the speaker terminals and then touch the negative on the other, if the speaker pops in or out its all good if it stays still the voice coil is dead and its a new speaker job
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