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Mar 28, 2022
I phoned the dealer and spoke to Heather asking how long the wait list is to get a Formentor , I was in luck they had been allocated four that morning and two had sold already. 150bhp V2 just what the wife wanted and DSG so that was a bonus on metallic Grey .

Her trade in was a 335D we buy any car offering £18k and I knew they would knock the price down so said I wanted 18K .
Now Heathers working from home with COVID pop in and see Joe we might be able to offer more, I’m thinking yeah right if I get 18k I’m happy .

Joe’s a nice lad shows me the cars tells me all the about it , now I hate sales people pushy arrogant bullshitters . No sales pitch tell him about the wife’s car so Joe gets the manager another nice chap , lovely car sir , excellent condition nice chat he offers me 19k .
Right I will take it , do you not want a test drive , na it for the wife give me it . We have one just been pdi checked let us put petrol in it and have a drive , they insisted.
Had the test drive said we would take it , ok cars left the factory will be about two weeks we will be in touch .
True to there word two weeks later we collect the car , no hassle and some free gifts and car was well prepped.

Key fob and bracelet
Carbon Car Mats
Car Charger Kit
First Aid Pack
Full tank of fuel .
Cupra Key Rings

wife loves it and Heather , Joe and the manager gave a hassle free experience and a good deal with no bullshit.


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May 26, 2020
Always nice to hear someone say positive things about a dealer. And WOW what a awesome looking car it looks so aggressive. Definitely a understated car like all cupras.
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Dec 10, 2022
Totally agree. Great to deal with people passionate about their product. When I was undecided about my VZ2 310 absolutely no pressure to complete the order. Even turned up on the day still in two-minds but when I saw it in the flesh that was it! Nothing was too much trouble for Steven, John and Harry who set up all the systems for me
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