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Time for new tyres, help please.

Mr Footlong

I have a copy of the EVO 2012 tyre test in my Audi Tech Archive. Still don't think I can post links on here yet but let's see:


Go to the Misc section and have a look at the PDF

For the record, I have 275/30/19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres on my RS6 (These are the latest & greatest from Michelin, not in that EVO review) and they are the BEST tyre I have used to date. Expensive though.....

/Edit. I see that they are mentioned in one of the earlier test links as having the best dry grip, which I agree with. For the wet performance, when coupled with 4wd and the stability controls off, I have a whale of a time controlled drifting wherever I can, very predicatble performance.
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Feb 28, 2010
Street, Somerset
I've tried Kumho's back when they did the KU31, and they were night and day over toyo's back then. My Ex's cup had Proxes 4's on and I still think they're shite. The only decent tyre Toyo have done is the R888 IMO.

Im now Running Michelin Pilot sport 3's and they're amazing. Its quite hard to get temperature into the rear tyres but the michelins not only got warm but very sticky. I have Run Continental Sport contact 5's and was ompressed with the grip, but wore very quickly.


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Oct 14, 2011
I don't know what people are on about with Toyo's I had them on my 450+BHP skyline and they stuck to the road like glue, no issues. Also wear was even.

I have had Falken's in the past and had no issues but this was on a 140 BHP car. I run Hankook on the front and Goodyear on the back at the moment on my lcr.

Any performance summer tyre is going to have wear issues, just look at F1 and the mileage they get from soft compound tyres!
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