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Guys, I am going to VAG Tuner Live with the club.

I have booked a track session do you guys do track day insurance.

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Sorry just to add, there may be a number of members going on the track is there any discount if we do multiple cars.

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no problem but for those who are going to national meet and planning (like me to have a go on the track).
I asked Mark if insurance and helmets were needed, he very kindly got back with following helpful answer very quickly

Thanks for your email

1/ track participation and track insurance is 100% down to the individual and optional. We won’t provide it.

I would suggest you do some research on track days

Companies like bookatrack javelin etc do provide allot of good information

You are very much out there are your own risk as motorsport and track days can be dangerous

2/ helmets you can hire or bring your own
It’s got to be british standard kite marked

3/ noise is 98db drive by at various areas of the track

Induction is the biggest cause of failure but many race cars can make the noise regs


Mark Dow
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