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Track Experience


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Jan 12, 2016
I don't think you quite get what this ice track is about ;)
...videos will come as soon as possible, but since I have so much footage from multiple cameras it will take a while.
I have been to the ring also, but only in the dry.
You think the prospect of wrecking your car there on the wet makes the experience better? ...for me is all about having fun and coming home on the same car I took there.
I do and I watched your vids when you first posted, looked ace. And exactly what you said, go home in the same car that is the same shape :) many many years ago when we first went, one of my friends (a good driver who also raced), did considerable damage to his car in the wet, we rebuilt and bodged it there, using ice creams tubs to fashion headlights. Different times :O

After you’ve been there a lot, wet can be good as it’s a lot quieter but staying safe and enjoying it is a lot more important. Lots of great mountain biking and trail running there too.
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