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Hi, I have a Seat Cupra 280 (2014) with a Stage 1 map.

Love my car and once again (money allowing) looking to upgrade the car.

I have and am looking at Stage 2 possibly 3 but that is serious money and will show up the weakness of current suspension / break setup.

Breaks I have the answer to but suspension would like some help from you guys.

i have thought about lowering but only a small amount what I would like is a more robust control system for a DCC setup (eg I can chose from Comfort road use to Race Track Hard when I want to regardless of the setup of the car.

Are there any replacement DCC units that will give me this flexibility and if so what sort of cost are we looking at please.

Damian @ DPM

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Thank you for your post.

KW offer the DDC coilovers (Dynamic Damping Control) that can be electronically adjusted from within the car.

'Comfort' for bad road conditions or just a relaxed ride
“'Sport'” for sporty daily use as the best compromise between performance and ride comfort
'Sport+'“ for best handling and response.

£1947.50 inc. VAT and delivery.

Damian @ DPM Performance

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Thanks, being blind cant see them on your site, can you give me a part number please.

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Thanks Damian for all your help on the phone.

I will give you a call on Monday and order these.

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Guys as per email they arrived today

Cant wait to get them on the car, hopefully in time to give them a good try out at Donnington Park on the 8th for the national meet.


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May 30, 2015
Sorry for thread resurrection. I'm currently contemplating a set of the kw dcc p&p on my St. How have you found them on road? Any issues with knocking which a few golf owners seem to report. I would mainly be road use with occasional track day.

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been very happy with them you dont feel like you are driving on coilovers but car can go down. they work very well with dcc. no nocking but i did suffer a bit of tyre rub as i went to low with my wheel setup but got it set right now and no issues. they are more for comfortable use than track but i do one track day a month and been very happy with how they work. at cadwell i do get dcc error message but no issues with suspention guess its an interface issue as they are under a lot of changes on that track.

would i buy them again - yes very happy with them
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