Washer Jets


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Jun 28, 2021
I don’t know if anyone has had this before but both the left and right washers are only spraying on the left half of their individual jets. It’s like half of the jet port is blocked. As they are normally a mist spray I thought it was just one outlet on each but I guess not and it’s random both done the same thing at the same time!! It’s on a 2018 Alhambra.

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The old trick was to clear them out with a pin. I changed to a cat whisker 😉. Over the years they have improved nozzles. Not too sure what the Alhambra ones are like. You are suppose to get the fluid turning into gel which leads to the blocking. Old pre mixed screen cleaner can have sediment in It. That's the source of the sludge that gets into the system.
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