Which new clutch?

Dec 28, 2019
Hi all,

I have a few options for a new clutch on my 280...Sachs, LUX or what I thinking about going for a RTS clutch!( twin friction )
Help! Has anyone fitted any of these? What’s best? Has either caused issues? Thanks in advance


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Aug 31, 2016
Preston, Lancs
I've had the Helix Organic and the RTS Twin Friction - All I'll say is I had 2 Helix Organics, before going for the RTS.

The RTS feels so light compared to the Helix, it's an almost stock like feel. Much stronger too. I was running 465lbft of torque at stage 2, and it coped just fine. Now I'm stage 3, I will be upgrading it to the RTS Paddle which feels identical I'm told. The current RTS is dealing with stage 3 fine, but I'm not full throttling it just in case, as the torque will be well above the limits of the clutch.

I've no experience with Sachs, but plenty are running with them and they have been the 'go to' one for some time.
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