Whiteline 20mm Rear ARB - Ibiza 6L - GB Now Live!

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Hi guys,

Just a thread to see if anyone would be interested in a GB for the Whiteline 20mm rear ARBs for the Ibiza 6L?

We have 10% off RRP at the moment and if we get 10 or more people we'll also do free delivery and round them down which would make them £135 all in.

Payment would need to be with a debit card over the phone and the bar would be dispatched as soon as you paid.


1. knight85
2. vroomtshh
3. Mattwood
4. truss
5. Martin_FR
6. Craigbarnley - PAID
7. Hartosh1
8. joshbro90 - PAID
9. zach225 - PAID
10. darkhorse - PAID
11. Ting - PAID

Damian @ DPM Performance
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