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Wing mirror issue. Completely dead. Fuse ok?

Stewart Barr

Active Member
Aug 25, 2018
Hello all. My wing mirrors are dead no adjustment or folding. I've checked the fuse it seems to be ok in port 1 a little 5a. I've pulled the switch out on the centre console and I've got 4v going across black and red to brown and black. But I can't find any wiring diagrams or specs to go off, any help will be greatly appreciated. It's a 06 altea 2.0 tdi fr


ALTEA 1.4 TSI 4YOU (my2015)
Oct 13, 2005
Germany, Cologne-Area
Hi Stewart,
afaik the fuse #1 you checked is merely for the automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror.
The wing mirrors are controlled by the driver's door CU, have a look at your owners manual, you should find them mentioned in chapter "Fuses on left side of dash panel" (#57 + #58 each 30Amp) and next to it "Location under steering wheel, on relay carrier".

Assumed, all other electric features run by the door CU (like power windows, locking etc) are working properly, consider to visit your dealer and get an error logging (OBD) for a more precise diagnosis.
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