Wiper arms not working correctly


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Apr 6, 2018
On my Seat Leon 2010.
Passenger side linkage was broken during spring change.
Replaced linkage connected to old motor, this worked but the wiper arm was banging against the pillar Swapped in the new motor (in case something wrong with old one). Then passenger side wiper wouldn't move, just a clicking sound and driver side going to service position (at the bottom) for OFF, and wiping erratically (half way up, then slowly upwards, stopping at the pillar). Put old motor back in, same behaviour with the wipers (passenger not working) Disconnected battery and connected - both motors working correctly (could see top of linkage plate rotating correctly) Put arms back on.. and passenger side stops working again. Should I take off the linkage and plug in the motor ONLY and let it initialise first, and then connect the linkage? Or would I need to reprogram my old motor?
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