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Welcome to SEATCupra.net

Welcome to SEATCupra.net

Thank you for registering to the SEATCupra.net Forums - one of the largest online communities on the world wide web that is dedicated to the enjoyment of SEAT motor vehicles.

As well as the usual forum discussions, we encourage forum users to get involved in the self help aspect. Using the forum for the sharing of information with which to help themselves and others diagnose problems and gain the best possible advice. We hope you find it a friendly community and a useful resource.

Before you start posting on the forum, we respectfully ask that you first have a careful read through our rules FAQ. Most of them are just simple guidelines, but they are in place to ensure the smooth running of the forum. Ignorance of our rules does not absolve you from the consequences should they be broken. Click here to view the rules

Some of the forum services offered are temporarily suspended for New users, this had to be put in place to prevent spam and to help protect our forum members from unsolicited advertising and scams.

The forum services you cannot use temporarily as a Newbie member on SEATCupra.net are as follow:

1). Create "For Sale/Classfied" Threads
2). Send PM (Private Messages) to other users
3). Posting links or images including signatures. (If you really need to post an image for an important reason, contact an admin)

All the locked services will become available to you once you are upgraded to a Full Member. For more info regarding this goto rule no.7 Click here to skip to Rule No.7

How to use the forum?
We understand not everyone can be a computer expert, and the forum does have a wide and diverse number of sections that can sometimes baffle or confuse those venturing onto forums for the first time. The forum is fairly easy to operate once you get the hang of it, but to help you there is a specific FAQ set aside which we hope should cover most questions on how to post and start threads etc.
Click here for Forum user guide FAQ

Search Tips
The forum has been active since 2001, and as such a forum this large has a vast number of re-posts. A great deal of this information can be overlooked by New Users. We politely encourage users to lookup the information that is freely available to find if you simply use the search functions - Click here for Search functions

Be specific and enter lots of keywords, also narrow your search field by searching only specific forum sections. For example if its a Leon specific query, set the search engine to only search in the Leon forums. The more information you give the search engine the more chance it has of finding something from the database that answers your question.

Many common questions, such as dump valves (whooshy), chip tuning (remaps) have been discussed in great length many times before. If you have searched and can either not find what your looking for or have more questions relating to the subject that may not of been answered. Then by all means start a new thread in a relevant section. If the subject is already covered in an existing thread then please add to the existing subject rather than starting a new thread.

If your signing up to tell us about your company, or latest products. Please speak to an administrator before posting your commercial information, otherwise your posts will be removed and you maybe blocked from the forum.

SEATCupra.net is supported by its sponsors and we do not allow unsolicited advertising on the forum.

We already have a high concentration of advertisers and will only look at working with registered limited businesses. It can seem alien to some but the main aim for SEATCupra.net is not to fill the forum with advertising to line our pockets.

None of the team benefit financially we do this as volunteers, every bit of sponsorship funding is pumped back into the forum for its continued growth and for the overall benefit of the community.

We always look at each and every advertising request carefully and decide if its of interest or importance to the forum, please understand that sometimes we are over-subscribed and we have a limited amount of advertising space available.

SEAT Dealers
Representatives of any franchised SEAT dealer are always very welcome on SEATCupra.net This forum is as much here for your benefit as it is for the enthusiastic members. Many of whom are already likely be your customers or potential customers in the future.

We have dedicated a section of the forum for the use of official SEAT dealers, SEAT DEALERS - CLICK HERE.

This section is provided for dealers to post up current used stock lists or special offers your company may wish to advertise. All SEAT dealers are welcome to have a subsection of the dealer forum dedicated to their business for FREE. We also have options for financial sponsorship benefits such as web-banners and more prominance on the forum.

If your a SEAT dealer and have any questions about the forum please contact a member of the managing admin team.

Thank you for reading this introduction and we hope you enjoy the forum.

Best wishes

SEATCupra.net Admin Team

Forum Contacts
SEATCupra.net's administration and moderation team are all volunteers and give up their free time to serve the community and look after the day to day running of this very busy forum. They are here to help you and keep the forum running smoothly for everyone so please be patient and do your best to help them and us.

If you need a question answering regarding the forum please direct it at anyone of the team and someone can deal with it or pass it onto someone more relevant.

The best means of contact for the moderators is by using the forums PM system. If you do not know whom the admin/moderator was that edited or deleted your post, you can e-mail administrator@seatcupra.net though this may not get a quick response.

All key forum contacts can be found here, with the relevant sections they manage listed: SCN Forum Leaders

SEATCupra.net also has a group of volunteer moderators & senior moderators who are available to deal with most 'forum' specific issues and due to their greater numbers are often available to react quicker than the administrator team. Senior moderators and moderators are listed by forum name below, click on their name to access there contact profiles:

ADMINISTRATORS - Responsible for the overall management and control of SCN
If you need to speak to a member of the forums administration team you can contact them by email or via PM and they will reply as soon as they are able:
Click either name below for their profile pages.

ZBOYD or m0rk

1. Moderation of thread/posts.


Moderation is an important section and one that everyone should take the time to read and understand fully.

While there are some who believe that we should not delete or edit forum users threads and posts, some users posts can pose a threat not only to the credibility of the forum, but more urgently its staus in the eyes of the law and its financial long-term survival. This is why we must have good moderation, it means we take an active interest in what happens on this forum. Those things that damage the site in our perception need to be removed.

We rely on our members to uphold good moderation by respecting our rules. Self-moderation works very well if people take the time to take an active interest in the forum. We encourage people to point out to us when something has gone off the rails so that we can quickly deal with it. We don't have the manpower or time to read every single thread or post. The next section of the FAQ covers in more detail how to help us by reporting problems.

Experience has shown us that forums that have little or no moderation, are open to abuse and behaviour that results in lowering the reputation of the forum. We cannot help but believe that this is the sure fire way to make a forum decay to the extent that it becomes totally irrelevant to the majority, and as such may as well be shutdown.

Some people consider, because this is a 'public forum', that its open for people to express their freedom of speech, blah blah., expecting that they can say and make an opinion on whatever they like withour consequence.

Though we encourage people to have opinions and welcome good honest discussion on lots of varied subjects. When it comes to unreserved freedom of speech you couldn't be more wrong if you think that way.

Everything that goes on within the confines of this forum, is the responsibility of the team who own and manage it. Your freedom to do and say as you please, can have direct legal consequences for SEATCupra.net and threaten its existence.

So with the greatest of respect, we will protect the interests of this site above your opinions, if that means we must edit, remove, or close your posts/threads that we feel are not in the best interests of the forum or the public at large. We will at our discretion and without your permission do what is necessary:


1). Those whose conduct on the forum is deemed to be criminally illegal, or even bordering upon it. ie Stolen goods, theft of money or items, scams.

2). Racist, sexual, religious or political abuse, actual violence or inciting violence, any abuse or bullying whether it be physical or mental towards anyone for any reason, whether they are resident to the forum or not.

3). Anything that could or may be legally challenged, including defamation of character, slander or libelous content.
(Please think carefully before you decide to use this forum as your soapbox. SEATCupra.net will not defend you should the police/solicitors come knocking).

4). Worthless threads, stupid stunts or bragging rights.
ie My car is quicker than your car, or versus threads

5). Street Racing/Drag racing on public roads.
Essentially this comes under stupid stunts and bragging rights. But we wanted to make this point a little clearer. While we realise people do stretch the law on the public highways and that is their personal prerogative to do so. It does not mean we condone its glorification on these forums. These types of threads/posts will be removed, keep it to the racetrack/sprint/dragstrips because otherwise we're really not interested.

If you want to voice your opinions in public without us interfering in your best laid plans, then we suggest you invest in your own forum and hosting so whoever you upset can send you the solicitors letter.

Why was my post deleted or edited?

At worst likely because of one of the more serious reasons already listed above. Less seriously but all the more important is protecting our sponsors investment and their financial support that the forum benefits from. SEATCupra.net is totally free for anyone to join, we will never ask a forum member to financially contribute.

The biggest benefactors of this forum are its commercial advertisers, they gain access to a huge number of customers all discussing the virtues of their products. When a user shares their experience of a product, by association other people take interest and ultimately this means more custom for the advertisers. Its only fair that they contribute to the forum and help support it financially.

This means that sometimes some companies or individuals try to get around supporting the forum, and post unsolicited advertising on the forum. We accept that some members want to make recommendations of products and services from non-advertisers and this is fine as long as it doesn't turn into a sales pitch. Anything deemed to be overtly commercial posted on the forum without prior permission will be removed.

Don't rant at the moderator!

SEATCupra.net is as much a hobby for all of us as it is for you, we are all like minded enthusiasts and want to gain the most enjoyment from the site as everyone else. Its not our job and non of us including the owners profit from it, SCN supports itself and pays its own way in the world.

The administration/moderation team are all volunteers, and we all have full time careers and commitments which come as a priority. As such we do not always have the luxury of limitless free time to explain why we may of edited/deleted your thread/post, however, you are always welcome to inquire why a thread/post was deleted or edited if you don't understand it yourself.

The best means of contact for the moderators is by using the forums PM system. If you do not know whom the admin/moderator was that edited or deleted your post, you can e-mail administrator@seatcupra.net though this may not get a quick response.

All key forum contacts can be found on the forum, with the relevant sections they manage: Click here for SCN Forum Leaders

We would like to make it absolutely crystal clear: the 'how this Forum should be run' is not open for debate. SEATCupra.net is a non subscription forum, managed by private individuals, for the free use of the public.

You are always welcome to send us suggestions but you cannot demand, or publicly challenge the way this forum is managed. Remember that this is a privately owned service, we do not ask you to pay for its upkeep, we are not public officials and sadly or happily you do not get the chance to elect any of us.

Abuse towards moderators

We have an underlying rule that you may not like but we insist on: The admins and moderators on SEATCupra.net are to be treated with respect. By respect we do not mean you must fall at our feet, and you can disagree with us and have open discussion, but we do not tolerate abuse from people.

Our moderators are a bunch of GOOD hard working people, with the very best of intentions regardless of what you may think, who really put in a lot of hours a day (and in some cases have done so for a very long time) to serve YOU. And by saying SERVE YOU we do not mean they are your servants. Please learn to differentiate between the two. Without their generous support this forum would cease to exist.

If, however, an administrator/moderator is in your views out of line, then you are perfectly welcome to complain to a senior member. But you do so in PRIVATE and reasonably. We will handle it through our channels, not yours.

And, although some here seem to want to see blood running through the streets, we can tell you this much: this is not the "let's flog show". If you wanna see that one, it must be playing on another forum - not on SEATCupra.net.

2. Reporting of posts/threads to the moderator
Reporting posts/threads.

We can't be everywhere all the time as we have real lives and commitments too, so quite frequently we miss stuff posted on the forum that probably shouldn't be there.

Much of the time we have better things to be doing rather than reading through 30 pages of 'willy waving' just to see if anyone has decided to start an argument.

We rely on YOU to tell us when something is getting out of hand, the REPORT POST function is there for a very good reason. If you click this icon Report Post on the post and then leave a comment that it maybe suspicious or breaking our rules, it sends a message to every admin and moderator so that we can be quickly alerted of any situations that might be brewing and we can then react to knock them on the head.

Please DO help us to help YOU. All received reports are in the strictest confidence, they are not shared with anyone but the admin team.

Taking the law into your own hands.

Sometimes one or more people feel they have the right to attack or preach at other members over their conduct.

We'll make it clear, that only the admins and moderators of the forum hand out the punishments, people throwing their oar in to a situation doesn't help us. If you are being agrivated by someone trying to manage it yourself or bottling up your frustration over weeks then exploding at someone on the forum does you no good, and makes you look just as bad in our eyes.

Report it to us, and let us deal with it.

3. Conduct warnings and exclusion from forum ban.

The process of forum disipline.

Sadly some forum users can take their behaviour or conduct a little too far and a moderator will be forced to issue a warning or infraction to inform the member of their conduct. If the warning is not heeded then a temporary and/or permanent ban can be made.

Warnings or bans will generally always be carried out privately and the user will be informed by way of an infraction or private message. This process remains the private business of the moderators and the member involved. No other members will receive any information about this.

We can understand that some here think that justice must be seen to be done, however those who adhere to that are missing out on a very important point: we are not here to pass judgment nor educate anyone. Absolutely no one here is our 'pupil', 'disciple' or 'subject'. We tend to be quite tolerant, and much prefer to warn people about misconduct, before instantly jumping for the BAN button.

In some cases we use the BAN button as a temporary but effective tool to call to a users attention that they have taken their conduct a step too far. We would encourage them to contact us by our main administrator@seatcupra.net email to discuss the situation with the aim of resolving it and quickly reinstating the banned member.

The administrators enforce the rules that govern the forum in order to preserve the orderly functionality of service for the wider audience. Someone is banned not to punish them (although no doubt the side effect of a ban is that they are punished) but rather to remove an obstruction from SEATCupra.net's normal daily harmony, that is our foremost priority.

Warnings and bans are not vindictive action by moderators but used as a means to restore normal operation of the forum, and lessen disruption for other members.

Not every 'offence' must or should end in a ban. When someone has posted over a year or more here, with thousands of posts to show for it, and has only once posted something 'bad' - as bad as it may be, it must be seen as a one-off 'offence' and therefore a waring or infraction will be issued to remind the user of proper conduct.

However, if someone is repeatedly argumentative, offensive or disruptive, then they have no place here. Again, not as punishment but rather as a measure of removing a cause of constant friction from the forums.

If someone accepts in principal the rules that govern this service (and in theory, all that have clicked on "I Agree" when they registered have accepted it), then there is no reason to ban them. If it seems obvious to us, however, that someone disregards these rules, then, they simply do not belong here.

Forum Penalties

The common practice is to politely remind a user, either by PM or an infraction notice that what they are doing is not tolerated and in breach of the rules. Infractions can vary in severity, from a simple ticking off to a final warning. They are at the descretion of the moderators.

Any member publicly arguing with anyone from the admin and moderation team on the forum, will be subject to the following penalties.

You will be warned ONLY once, and be advised to take your grievance to either email or PM for private discussion.

Failure to comply with this request, will result in an instant cool-off ban from the use of the forum, this cool off ban is at the discretion of the administrator and can vary from 1 day to 1 month if this happens we request that you respect it, your access to the forum will resume after the alloted period ends. You are always welcome to email us to discuss your ban period.

If persons persist in abuse of the admins or any other members of the forum after they have already been warned or penalised, will then receive a further ban for a longer period or ultimately a permanent ban depending on the seriousness. That is at all time at the discretion of the administrators.

You are quite free to appeal against any decision made by a moderator to the admins, but these are to be done privately by email.

4. Flame Baits vs 'Freedom of Speech'.
We know that our prior outlined rule statements above, may lead some to think that this should encompass posters who have repeatedly posted what some here consider 'flame bait'.

We happen to agree - but only to a certain extent.

Dealers, Tuners and other companies. They are there to be adored and scorned, admired and admonished, revered and questioned constantly. But, there is a fine line between scorning/admonishing/questioning and defaming/wrongly accusing/slandering.

It's not always easy to know where that fine line lies, nor is it easy to always make a unanimously agreed judgement call on whether something falls under what we would constitute as allowable and what we would constitute as not.

It's easy to know what to do when something is - in our view - blatantly illegal or a mere flame-bait. We will simply delete it.

It's easy to know what to do when something is - in our view - within the acceptable realm of speaking up. We simply let it exist here, regardless of whether we think it's ridiculous or ludicrous.

But, in a case of doubt, it goes down to your own level of tolerance. Personally, in such cases, we prefer to be lenient and allow these thoughts to be heard.

There is a price for that, though; those who elect to take upon themselves a crusade on a particularly controversial issue should bear in mind that they themselves are bound to be scorned back for their views.

You cannot stand in the city square and tell everyone they are blind fools (and telling all Joe Bloggs fans that he's the worst dealer ever, or telling Fred Smith fans that he's nothing but a cheater, is exactly that - either way, you are telling those fans that they are blind fools) and do not expect it to go unnoticed. If you get a tomato in your face, you should also ask yourself if you didn't ask for it.

Having said that, it should be made clear that counter-attacking a poster is different to personally insulting someone. Telling someone that his post is ridiculous, or even that he's a liar (if you can prove that!) is not the same as telling someone "you are an idiot who should be shot to death". We will tolerate to a large extent the first; We won't tolerate to any extent the second, that is abuse plain and simple.

5. Personal Feuds.
Sometimes, though luckily not often, a Bulletin Board debate will turn into a personal feud between two posters. We want to make it perfectly clear that,

a) We will not allow, under any circumstances, this feud to be carried out publicly;

b) We will not intervene nor be a judge to personal feuds; and

c) We will not offer any of the SEATCupra.net tools - primarily the Private Messaging system - to serve this feud, unless BOTH sides are willing to engage in this dialogue.

If you send an offensive Private Message to another poster, unsolicited, be aware that it is their full right to complain to us about it, and should we find that PM to be indeed offensive, we will not allow you to again use the PM system, and upon repeated complaints (from one or all) treat this as any other public issue - we will ban that user altogether from the forum.

Furthermore, in radical situations, when a couple of posters constantly attack each other or harass each other - in public or via PM - We will bar BOTH sides from exchanging ANY word on the forum (in public or via PM) with each other. If they continue to do so, one or all, they will be thrown outside.

This is NOT a forum for personal feuds, put simply.

Moreover, this is not a "who started it" situation. If someone insulted you, you are not absolved for insulting them back.

And, if you think someone should be banned and we disagree - then tough; if we're not convinced about it (and you're welcome to try to convince us reasonably by private means ie email) then it doesn't license you to take the situation into your own hands and launch a campaign of harassments against that poster.

Insulting them back won't make us think you're right; it will only make us think you're the trouble we should be dealing with.

6. Who owns SEATCupra.net!
SEATCupra.net is managed as a non profit website and forum by a group of several volunteers, who control the day to day managment of the site and forum, and support the site financially with advertising sponsorship, SEATCupra.net is not a business, nor is it a club.

We do not ask or demand any money from members, you are not in anyway asked to contribute to the financial burden or upkeep and it is not our intention or aim, to ever make this a member pay for website or forum

Non of the admins, moderators, take any money from this site, it has its own bank account, it has always been designed to support itself financially with the aid of sponsorship, which it has done very successfully allowing it to continue to grow.

All finances are put towards the upkeep of the server hosting, software licenses, support fees, any extra funding is invested back into the site, for new functionality, or for promotional items, ie Banners, Flags etc... for shows and BTCC meets.

7. New Users. (Newbies)
If you are a new user, you are temporarily restricted from posting in our For Sale section, adding a signature and making use of the private messaging system. This is to prevent new users abusing the forum, and/or rogue traders scammers from taking advantage of the forum members. Please ensure you take some time to read all of the FAQ/Rules part of the forum.

Restricted use for Newbies: ALL new users are restricted until they have exceeded more than 15 forum posts and 15 days of registration to the forum. Please note that this does not include any General Topic sections.


However we DO recommend the Introductions section as a good place to start to get your post counts up, say hello!

Once 15 posts or more are reached and 15 days registration have passed, Newbies will then be automatically upgraded to Full Members.

NOTE: There can be upto a 24 hour turnaround on the server, so though you may reach or even surpass 15 posts and 15 days registered, it will be approx 24 hours after that point that the server updates your user status to a Full Member. Please be patient!

In lieu of the other rules above, a new member must adhere to, we also want to inform you that while we practice tolerance with regular users, we will practice absolutely none with new users (Newbies).

If a new user joins to immediately be proven a problem, with behaviour, or spamming he/she will immediately be banned - no warnings, no discussions. Simple as that. If a new user cannot be bothered to read the terms and conditions they have just agreed to, let alone adhere to them, then we are not about to waste our time and resources on reforming them. Any signs of trouble will be nipped in the bud.
We appreciate new users and want them to become a part of our great SEAT community. On the same hand we also want to protect the interests of our members. We hope you take the time to understand our wishes and wish you a warm welcome to the community.

8. Contacting other members of the Forum
Under no circustances is any member permitted to create a thread attempting to contact another member.

If that member wants to be contacted, they will have 'pressed' the correct buttons on their user profile.

So.... to make it really clear for those of you that don't understand.


1) if Jimmybigpants wanted to talk to you - they would have.
2) if Jimmybigpants' PM box is full, he gets an email telling him.

Remembering that any other contact towards members must not fall foul of any other rules.

The reasons for this are pretty obvious.... but to spell it out: If this forum is still about in 5 years time we don't want the database to be clogged up with pointless posts (probably in the Leon section) about people wanting to contact each other.

9. Promoting of -- or Criticism of -- other websites
There is generally no prohibition whatsoever on mentioning other websites, qouting from other websites, or even recommending other websites. With one or two exceptions, these sites will usually show up *** in place of the URL. Though bear in mind we don't allow commerical posts, see our advertising section for more details.

But if you came here in order to complain about how you got mistreated on another Bulletin Board, or came to invite everyone to join you on another Bulletin Board - your thread will be removed and you will be banned instantly, with no prior warning.

Always make sure if you are linking to any other website or forum, that may contain sensitive, and/or copyrighted material, that you firstly seek both the permission of the sites author, your referencing from, and an admin of SEATCupra.net first.

Website links that contain overtly violent or political or religious content, terrorism or any other illegal activities including hardcore pornography will be removed, and the poster will be subject to a warning in accordance with our rules above.

10. Posting pictures on SEATCupra.net Forum.
Images whose copyright you do not own; that reside on websites other than SEATCupra.net or your own, should be posted as a LINK only.

If it's one odd image - the copyright holder and the website owner may tend to overlook. But some have been known to overdo it, posting hi-res images from other websites, which not only infringes that websites copyright but also hijacks their bandwidth. So please use the vB tags. [URL] location of image or link address [/URL]

As a rule though it is always best to first seek permission from the site author and the forum admin staff.

Please respect the copyright of printed material also, do not scan in magazine articles and post them on the forum, without first gaining the permission of both the copyright holder and the forum admin staff.

If its not your image, or from a press office, then you don't own the copyright, so please respect the rules of use, of the copyright holders.

Forum image privacy When posting images of privately owned vehicles, such as forum members cars, please ensure the vehicle registration plates are blanked out using a suitable photo editing package such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, for example, if your unable to do this yourself, speak to one of the admins/moderators or another experienced forum member who maybe able to offer advice or help you to do this. Pictures not following this privacy rule will be removed.


The attachments feature of the forum is currently disabled, to help reduce database load, and increase forum efficiency. However you may link pictures of your vehicle, or other images to the forum by using the vB tags [IMG] url of image location [/IMG]

We do not presently provide any direct hosting of images at SEATCupra.net, but you can link your images from many of the free photo hosting sites on the web:


Try to keep the image sizes down, linking to a massive picture file, causes problems for people using slower internet connections, and also reflows the forum pages, making them harder to read for everyone. We will remove any images deemed to be a nuisance.

Copyright: Ensure that if you are posting any image from elsewhere on the internet to this forum that you have the rights to repost that image here. You may seek permission of the copyright holder, and if they agree you can post the image but if no permission is sought and the copyright holder complains the image will be removed from the forum.

11. Traders, Companies - Advertising information
With the exception of official SEAT dealers in the dealer stock section of the forums, no traders / tuners / retailers / service or parts professionals are allowed to advertise their stock, company website or contact details. Without the prior approval of the websites Admin team. Any adverts or contact details posted without permission will be removed and you will be directed to our terms.

Regular advertising is permitted only for our sponsors banner advertisement. We may occasionally consider one-off offers which may benefit our members, however please seek the permission of the forum admin staff before posting in the forum. Any unauthorised advertising will be removed at the discretion of the team - this includes links/banners in signatures/avatars.

At present SEATCupra.net offer a number of opportunities for companies to sponsor SEATCupra.net. The first is to take out a banner with us over 12 or 6 months. The banner is an ideal way of reaching members due to it being actively and randomly rotated to display on all pages within the forum. Your banner advert can be seen potentially several hundred thousand times each year just on the forums, and in addition via our website not only the members but anyone who views our popular and active webpages, which have good Google links, for active search results.

Advertising. If you have any enquiries regarding advertising please email us. administrator@seatcupra.net Please give your email a clear description as it maybe considered SPAM, we will reply with details of our rates and packages available if we feel your business will be of interest to the community.

Please note that we are very selective over which products or services we will actively promote on SEATCupra.net. We do not attract advertising for financial gain only to support our running costs. We always reserve the right to refuse advertising that does not fit the interests of the members or the site. If we consider we have too many advertisers at any point in time we may not be in a position to take on any new advertisers.

We also offer the option of taking out a dedicated forum area to discuss and advertise your products within the ‘Sponsors and Supporters’ forum, allowing you access to set up Group Buys, and permission to have company links in your forum signatures, which allows your company to develop products and directly converse to your potential customers.


The forum has presently over 66,000 members, which at the moment is expanding by around 800 new members per month on average, of which at least 5000 are classed as very active using the forum every day, and over 20000 are classed as active, which means they visit the forum fairly regularly each month. This does not include non member guests and casual visitors, unique visitors number over 400,000 per month.

The usage stats on the site and forum combined are around 8 million hits per month, with roughly a 1:15 ratio, so any advert could be seen approximately up to 2,500,000 times per month, the average click through rate for adverts are potentially around 2,000,000 per year.

We are a non-profit enthusiasts site, all our forum staff are unpaid volunteers, we keep it free to members with the assistance of paid (great value!) sponsors. If you wish to discuss our advertising rates, or wish to offer discounts, or any other special offers please contact us as above first.

12. Forum: For Sale/Classified Section Rules & Guidelines




1) Only the Advertiser can reply to their advertised thread/post. (Think of your advert as a shop window).

2) The advert will be removed from the website after approx 45 days. This includes all attachments & information.

3) Neither SEATCupra.net, nor any member of the Team can take any responsibility for the adverts placed.

4) Buyer Beware. Always ascertain a level of confidence with the advertiser before parting with your money. The last thing that we want is for someone to be ripped off, but SEATCupra.net assumes no responsibility for losses incurred from a bad sale. USING THIS FORUM TO BUY & SELL IS AT YOUR OWN RISK, by posting an advert you accept that risk

5) Only Full Members can post for sale adverts, Newbies need to be promoted to Full Member access before being able to post any for sale adverts. (At least 15 posts & 10 days membership to non general chat sections will see you promoted but there maybe a delay in being upgraded be patient).

6) All adverts are subject to our 'approval' before being viewed publicly. If they don't comply with the rules set out here, they will be removed & you won't be informed. So make sure your follow these guidelines carefully.

7) Wanted threads: Only wanted threads allowed are those searching for car sales, not for parts.

RULES: Please note that all adverts are Approved by our moderators before they appear on the forum, we try to do this within 24 hours but we do this in our free time, so sometimes longer. If your advert does not meet the rules set out below it will not be approved and therefore will not appear on the forum.

1) Everything must have a clear price stated, or at worst an “offers around”. No Price, no Advert. It will be removed!

2) No Commercial posts, (Traders adverts will be removed) – Please don't use SEATCupra.net as a springboard for your latest business opportunity. SEAT dealers may post in the dealers stock section of the forum for FREE, or they may request their own section. Please contact an admin for details.

3) No selling of illegal items (i.e drugs/medicinal or otherwise) anything else deemed illegal or copyrighted items. This includes software. Any such ads will be removed, and the offender banned from the site. You have been warned!

4) You MUST include alternative contact information, ideally an email address and/or phone number. DO NOT RELY ON THE PRIVATE MESSAGE SYSTEM. New users and casual viewers of the forum can not reply using private messages. If you want to sell something make sure they can contact you. Any such adverts submitted without contact information will not be approved and will be deleted.

5) eBay links can be used for parts etc in the relevant section which can be found here - eBay Links

GUIDELINES: Some useful information to consider before submitting your advert.

Give it a clear Description – Accurately describe the item you wish to sell in the title.

Bad Example: **LOOK HERE**

Good Example: 2001Y Ibiza Cupra 36K Modified.

Then include any and all relevant information inside the post regarding all other aspects of advert including links to any images. Don't forget the all important PRICE & CONTACT DETAILS

Bad Examples will not be approved.
Pictures – A good set of pictures will help no end to draw interest to the goods you're selling.

CODE OF CONDUCT:- Placing an advert on SCN means you are agreeing to our terms

While any placed advert shall be entirely the legal responsibility of the seller, all adverts will comply under the websites code of conduct. SEATCupra.net does not in way warrant or guarantee the For Sale section of the forum. Any financial loss is at the risk of the buyer and seller...take steps to protect yourselves.

Buyers and sellers make use of the For Sale areas at their own risk. By placing an advert you are agreeing to our terms of use and SEATCupra.net is not in any way legally responsible should any agreement go wrong.

It is the duty of the Seller to accurately describe the item(s) for sale and set a clear price as per our rules. Any extra charges such as delivery charges must be agreed with the buyer.

If you enter into an agreement on price and delivery charges, you can not then go back on that agreement. {once the agreement has been settled}


Payment is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to negotiate, and any payment should be made promptly.

SEATCupra.net recommends the use of PayPal for transactions. HOWEVER Do NOT use PAYPAL Gift as this leaves you without any financial protection, also Do NOT send CASH or use direct bank transfer ie BACS. If for any reason the seller is fraudulent, you will have no protection.

BUYER BEWARE!! - If a seller or buyer makes unreasonable demands regarding payment terms, WALK AWAY!!. If you suspect foul play or fraud inform the moderators.

SEATCupra.net does not warrant the use of the site for classifieds, and we offer no financial protection should a deal be fraudulent. We will help where we can, but the onus is on the buyer/seller to be proactive in protecting themselves from fraud.

The seller must post or dispatch by courier, the item in a reasonable time frame. It is also good practice to inform the buyer when the item has been despatched. If the item is worth a considerable amount, recorded delivery or postal insurance should always be considered to protect bother buyer and seller.

Buyers should allow a reasonable amount of time for the items to arrive if it has been despatched, and upon arrival the item should be checked immediately. If a problem exists, inform the seller immediately.

Any seller or buyer that fails to meet their obligation on any For Sale agreement will be barred from using the for sale section, or even removed from the forum entirely. Note that in the case of theft or fraud, all information regarding logs, ip, email information will be passed to the relevant authorities upon request.

SCN reserves the right to remove any adverts its moderators deem to be unsuitable.

13. Group Buy permissions
Group Buys are only allowed in official forum sponsor sections when posted by official sponsors.

Groups Buys and Group Buy Feelers are prohibited from being posted by members without the express permission of a forum administrator and are only approved in very exceptional circumstances. Unauthorised Group Buys and Group Buy Feelers will be removed from the forum.

14. Main Site & Forum copyright
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A full terms of use policy can be found here: SCN Terms of Use

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Finally, we want to stress that all these rules are not challenges but rather boundaries we have set. We didn't make them up because we were bored, we came up with them after, in excess of 5 years, managing what is one the busiest and best supported SEAT related forums on the world wide web.

Please don't test us: we really do know by now what we're doing... Having said that, know that you can - ALWAYS - contact by e-mail one of the forum staff and offer advice, feedback, criticism or just make a general inquiry.

Thank you for taking the time and patience to read and understand our ruling guidlines, please enjoy using SEATCupra.net as it was intended the No1 Source of SEAT Information, and a kick ass group of good people to boot.

SEATCupra.net Team

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