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t121anf 27-11-2017 20:23

Intermittent bulb warning (led)
(Mainly) when itís cold I get a buldpb warning for front right daylight running light. Itís always this bulb.

To clear it starting the car and turning off then restarting is enough.

Itís getting more common this winter, last winter it never happened until the car was left in a car park for a week whilst i I was on holiday.

Any tips to resolve or is the only solution a different bulb?

If it helps I used the ones recommended on here, from hids-direct

m4rtin 01-12-2017 15:14

Happens to everyone who has replaced the DRL with LED ones (I'm assuming that is what you have done), especially when it's cold/damp.

If you want to get rid of the error when starting the car you don't need to restart, just turn the lights off (the warning light will then go off - as the DRLs will become active) and then turn the lights back to Auto (or on).


t121anf 01-12-2017 19:23

Thanks for the tip, odd that they were fine through last winter.

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