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AndrewJB 09-11-2013 20:52

Guide to updating RNS310 Firmware
After doing this to mine i have decided to write a simple guide for it, Please note I am not to be help responsible if you break your RNS310.

This guide updates the firmware on the device it will not update the maps!

This guide is only for the RNS310, Not the RNS315,RNS510,RNS810 or any of the RCD versions.

1.Firstly we need to establish if you have a RNS310, When your device boots if it says SEAT Media system 2.0 (or VW,AUDO,SKODA) they you have a RNS310. If it says SEAT Media system 2.1 then you have a RNS315.

2.Now we need to establish what firmware you current have, With the device on press and hold the setup button for around 10 seconds,This will display a secret menu the 3rd option will say versions scroll down and select that. As you can see in the picture below my original firmware was version 0227.

3. if you have version 0227 then follow below, if you have another version scroll down to the bottom to see the other version sections.

4.If you have version 0227 download the file below, once downloaded unzip it and burn it as an image to a CD. I used Alcohol 120% to burn it and it also needs to be burned as slowly as possible (if you can do 1x this will be best) mine worked at 10x though.
Password: rns

5.Insert the device into the RNS310 with the ignition on but the engine off. If the disc is working it will pop up a menu saying there is a firmware update to be installed and do you want to continue, press ok. Then it will warn you that it can take upto 30 minutes press ok, Please be advised that the updates do take about 45 minutes, Turn off the interior light etc to help save battery. i did all 3 updates one after the other and my battery was very low after.

6.After about 45 minutes the update will have finished and it will have ejected the disc. If you now press and hold setup again you should now see version 0351 like below.

7.For some reason we now have to update to 0351 again using a different file, this is to fix a small error on the previous update we have just installed. Download the file below and burn it again, Insert it into the device and follow the same steps for the next 45 minutes.

8.Once again when completed press and hold setup and it should display V0351 like below.

9.The final update is for 0357 which is the most recent firmware available. Once again download the file below this file is a .iso rather than .img but its to be handled no different just burn it as an image. Insert the cd into the device, With this update it will now tell you a new update is available but instead of saying version 0357 it will say something like version K01 or similar just press ok.

10. 45 minutes later it had finished, when my device restarted this time though it went to a white screen saying carrier update required and to insert an install CD, i just put the 0357 CD back in and in started doing another update where it displays xx/100 and very slowly climbs to 100.

11.Update finished, device booted and press and hold setup, go to version and you will see 0537 like below.

If you have version version 0235

1.It seems if you have 0235 on your device you cant update to 0357 but you can go to 0351. You need to download the file below and burn it as in iso image, insert it into the device like above and run the update process.

2.Once finished press and hold setup and check version it should be 0351.

if you have any 3xx version

1.You can try to use the following file, i cant gurantee it will work and cant gurantee it wont brick your device, i think it all depends on if you had 0227 or 0235 (seems to be having 0235 ruins your device from what i have read)

New features between Version 2xx and 3xx
1.Option to turn on road sign display, This is now tested and when turned on it will show a small speed limit sign in the top corner like in the image below.

2.Sound quality from speakers seems to have improved

3.Phone button on device - Previously on Version 2xx the phone button did nothing other than muted the device, on Version 3xx the phone button now displays options like call, previous calls etc, see image below.

4.When phone is connected a small bluetooth logo is displayed on sat nav when navigating . see below

5.on version 2xx when i put in a post code (For example E13 9AZ, my football teams postcode) it would come up with a message saying "no street data available. In version 3xx it now doesn't do that.

6.When i put in my parents post code, it warned me that the address is on a private road with limited access, it did this verbally - this is correct as they live on a farm lane.

7.When i put in E13 9AZ, it warned me verbally that there was congestion on route (route is M1>M25) its never done this on Version 2xx

8.When navigating if you press the menu button you now have an extra item to see the whole route displayed on a map, aswell as 32 and 2D maps.

AndrewJB 09-11-2013 21:09

I cant find anything else but if i do il add them.

I will be writing another guide to updating to maps version 4.0 (2012) at some point for the RNS310, I'm hoping to get V50 (2013) soon aswell.

J400uk 10-11-2013 00:44

Thanks for sharing :)

AndrewJB 10-11-2013 00:50

Are you on 0227 then?

J400uk 10-11-2013 01:57


Originally Posted by AndrewJB (Post 4308154)
Are you on 0227 then?

Yep, need to update it soon. My battery isn't good though so I think it will have to be next time I do a long-ish drive

AndrewJB 10-11-2013 02:19

Do the updates seperate, so do one today and then another a few days later

big eck 10-11-2013 13:20

Brilliant write up Andy.

I have the rns315 and the main thing I hate about it is you can't use a full postcode to find places. You have to type in the full street address.

J400uk 10-11-2013 15:35


Originally Posted by big eck (Post 4308272)
I have the rns315 and the main thing I hate about it is you can't use a full postcode to find places. You have to type in the full street address.

Unfortunately the early 315s are stuck that way :(

The 310 didn't originally have full postcode support but it was added on in the new version of maps.

AndrewJB 10-11-2013 17:53

Yeh it fully works on 0357

Rob_Talisman 11-11-2013 12:52

Can anyone help me with the 3rd download file. The iso one. Everytime i try to extract the zip to get the iso it fails...

AndrewJB 11-11-2013 19:30

It's password protected

Rob_Talisman 11-11-2013 19:46

It was 7 unzip that threw me. Update all done ty

AndrewJB 11-11-2013 20:23

From 0227 to 0357? or a different firmware?

Rob_Talisman 12-11-2013 16:44

Now if only there was an update for the 315..........

AndrewJB 12-11-2013 20:40

not that im aware of i know the RNS510 can be updated

Mikeyfraser 13-11-2013 22:23

Is there an update for RNS510?

AndrewJB 13-11-2013 23:12

There is a guide for it on MK5 golf forum, i dont have access to a RNS510 so cant comment really but i would imagine its a very similar process

Mikeyfraser 13-11-2013 23:35

Okay cheers.

ZiggyEP3 04-12-2013 15:37

I just did this update on mine and it went smoothly :D

I noticed you only need to do the second 0351 disc if you upgraded from 0235 using the modded 0351 disc. If you have 0227 you can use the official 0351 disc then the 0357 straight after :santa:

I had H15 and version 0227 on mine when I started.

I updated to 0351 and then put the 0357 disc in once that was done and went straight to 0357 with no problems. I did notice on bootup on 0357 it no longer shows the Seat Media System 2.0 Logo it just boots up fine. Not bothered about the logo lol

Phone button now works perfectly as it should and actually brings the phone options up on the touch screen :santa:

AndrewJB 04-12-2013 18:52

I've got boot logo on mine

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