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Bashiee 30-08-2012 14:39

Leon stylance 1.9tdi
Hey, the names Ash and this is my baby. Ive owned her about a month now, i havnt done alot to her in terms of performance so far. I must say, diesel is amazing compared to petrol, i feel as if i never have to top up. I just came from a pants fiesta 1.2 lol. Anyways enjoy :)

Heres how she started out:
Fresh from the dealer with about 46k on the clock. Excuse the bloke lol.

What I've done:
  • Fitted my JOM coils (CHEAP)
  • Supercopa Kit Added (At Dealership)
  • Added 17" Fox Racing Wheels
  • Debadged
  • Tax Disc holder
  • Invested in a linear grill
  • Painted the calipers and grill
  • Stubby Aerial
  • Changed my plate
  • Climair Wind Deflector
  • Added 6000K HIDS
  • Added 6000K sidelights to match (Error free leds)
  • Replaced full beam with osram night breakers

Yet to be done:
  • Get wing mirrors sprayed gloss black
  • Tint the windows slightly more (The standard tint isnt very dark)
  • Get some 19" alloys
  • Get a splitter the front
  • Maybe tint the rear break lights
  • Complete revamp of the inside, new head unit etc

Any Suggestions Feel Free :)

Bashiee 30-08-2012 14:41

A few more pictures, these are more up to date. I dont really have many inbetween.
The first picture lacked the spoiler as the dealership messed up and ordered the wrong one so i had to wait even longer for that. Was a terrible garage.

I did spray the orignal grill black, but then decided id prefer a linear. So My old grill is no longer wanted basically.

Bashiee 30-08-2012 14:43

The most up to date pictures i have at the moment.

I couldn't be bothered to block out all the plates lol.. Also more up to date pictures coming soon as i just havnt taken any in a while. :)

Bashiee 30-08-2012 14:46

Messing round with the calipers
First time i painted them i messed them up. To thicker coats and little preparation. Got some Advice from Benjic2 and done them properly. Finished Result basically.

Bashiee 30-08-2012 15:25


greyfloppyhat 30-08-2012 19:37

The calipers came up really smooth, I didn't think they could. what did you use?

Bashiee 30-08-2012 19:40

I used just engine enamel paint from Halfords for the caliper. Basically just high temperature paint. For the disc i had high temp paint i got off ebay and for the shields i used black engine enamel paint. I used super thin layers and gave it bout 3 - 4 coats and hair dried inbetween coats basically

Bashiee 30-08-2012 19:43

You can use hammerite on the calipers but i prefered not to as my car is slighly older than benjic2 my breaks do tend to get hotter than brand new breaks :)

Mylo2912 30-08-2012 19:51

Nice looking motor mate. I've got the same model, the same colour, on the same year and I've owned mine for just over a month.

BUT. It's standard. Except a new gearknob. Wish I got an Fr but this engine is frugal. Gonna get new wheels and do the calipers like you have. Thinking of black or silver with either black or anthracite wheels. What size alloy are yours?

Bashiee 30-08-2012 19:54

Cheers man, Mines fairly standard. Fairly. I would have got a fr but the insurance was a bit to high for me as im only twenty. Happy days, id go black over silver. Me personally i prefer red but thats me ;) and only 17"s the the gap between the wheel and the arch is HUGGEEEE. Hence why im getting coileys

Mylo2912 30-08-2012 19:54

Doh. Re read. I see they're 17s. How much was your Linea grill?

Bashiee 30-08-2012 19:57

Ha its ok i didn't realise anyways. Um i paid about 60 or 77 i cant remember from a fantastic dude on here daivd @ sere motors. Super quick delivery

Mylo2912 30-08-2012 20:02

Cheers. Good luck with your future mods. It's a sweet colour car.

Bashiee 30-08-2012 20:03

Thanks doode. You too!

elliottcharles 30-08-2012 22:21

This is looking sweet now mate, youve done quite a bit since I last had a look! All sorted with regards to spoiler etc now I hope? :rofl:

I share your pain with the calipers aswell, first attempt came up rubbish, and the second just wouldn't dry! haha but all went well in the end :P

Bashiee 30-08-2012 22:28

Thanks pal, have yeah bits and bobs ;) finally haha. Bloody useless but much better looking with it on now!
The calipers were a pain in the ... but once they are done they look the bee's knees

Masterkm 31-08-2012 12:36

Looking nice, I decided not to go along the BTCC kit route and got FR/Cupra bumpers instead. Looking forward to seeing how the coilovers work out for you and if they are any good.

Sadly im not putting anymore cash into mine as will be selling it in the new year hopefully. The Triple R splitter would look wicked on yours too.

Bashiee 31-08-2012 12:43

Cheers man, im going to get a splitter depending on how low the front sits. Yeah il update here on whats occuring with them! and what u planing on getting instead?

Masterkm 31-08-2012 13:15

Got my eyes set on a Viper Green Scirocco GT or BMW 320d M Sport coupe, insurance doesn't change much thats why Im thinking of changing soon.

Bashiee 02-09-2012 16:08

Nice man! id go for the msport personally. i only went a curbed my rims didnt i.....

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