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Fit a large socket over the remaining flange and a smaller socket on the cut side of the bush and using your M12 set screw, pull the bush out of the wishbone and into the socket.

Bush removed.

Fit the Powerflex bushes into the wishbone as described in their instructions.

Fitting the Cupra bush into the Console.
The bush should be fitted with the flush side towards the back of the car and with the hexagon hole flat at the top and bottom. (See the fitted pic)
Lubricate the console and the bush with the special lube, place correctly aligned, into the console and tap it gently with a mallet to start the fitting.
Put a large spacer at the rear of the console and a small spacer at the front of the bush. Thread the M12 Set screw through the spacer, bush, console and spacer and fit the M12 nut at the rear. Make sure there is plenty of oil on the thread.
Start to tighten the nut and check the bush is still aligned with the console.
Carefully tighten the nut and bolt until the bush is pulled through the console and is flush at the rear.

New Cupra bush fitted.

Refitting the Wishbone:
Lubricate the hole in the Console bush and the hexagonal spigot on the wisbone with copious amounts of the special lube.
Place the wishbone into the bush and start the fitting with a few taps of the mallet.
Place the ratchet strap around the rear of the console housing and round the Powerflex bush at the front of the wishbone.
Ratchet the strap to pull the wishbone into the console bush. It will be difficult and a few more taps with the mallet may help the process. The wishbone is correctly fitted when 3-4mm of the spigot protrudes at the rear of the console bush.

Hinge the front bush into its correct position, as shown in the pic above, and fit
a new 18mm bolt. Torque to 70Nm and tighten a further 90 degrees

Refit the lower balljoint back into the wishbone and fit new 13mm bolts. Torque to 20Nm and tighten a further 90 degrees

Refit the splashguard and wheels and lower the car to the ground.

Get the tracking checked as soon as possible.

As I didn't even create the guide I'm in no way responsible if you have a go and mess up!
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