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I've lost my only key. How do I get the lock and transponder info now?

Hello, I've read a few threads but they all seem to be for people that still have a key. I only got 1 key with the car and it's not been a problem for 2 years. I lost it (misplaced somewhere that I can't find) on Tuesday lunchtime and it's now Sunday!

I've found a site that can cut and code a key for 20 but it relies on me having the code from the original key to cut the blade (and I assume code the transponder?).

I don't have any keys, I don't have any pics of the keys, nor any numbers from them.

Is there another way I can get the info? Last time I bought a key was about 5 years ago and it came to about 100!

I have a 54 plate Ibiza Cupra diesel. The key was the one with the two buttons on it, the same as the pic below;

What are my options now? I'm after the cheapest option, don't mind getting a flip key if that's cheaper. I'd still like the lock/ unlock option though else I'd just get a manual one, I also don't know if a manual one would turn off the alarm? I tend to deadlock it everytime too so chances are I deadlocked it last time I locked the car- which is activated by the locking module as opposed to the lock isn't it?

I live in Worcester and am not in a rush, could wait a few days and get lifts although obviously the sooner the better. Thanks.
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