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Rather than half answers and stuff that doesn't apply I'd appreciate a proper explanation as to what to do. I can most likely get into it with a bit of plastic binding (a la newspapers) or welding wire and 2 mins fiddling, if I didn't deadlock it. If I did then I guess I need to activate that signal to unlock it. I'm guessing/ kinda half remember testing it (press lock on the key twice, if you are unable to open the door from the inside by pulling the handle, it's deadlocked) and pretty sure it wouldn't unlock.

Do the dealers not have a record of key blades and alarm codes? I'm extremely competent, just a bit lazy and forgetful and it's been a few years since I've built anything.

I can't be the only person to have no keys in the history of VAG cars..... I'm sure the dealers wouldn't charge the customer for 3 locks, an ignition barrel, a key, programming, cutting and fitting just because they had no key, there'll be a list somewhere, surely? They hold all sorts of info on your vehicle, it's all listed under chassis/ reg no (assuming the person PDI'ing it did their job properly!)

*edit* that reads a bit snappy there, didn't mean it like that, thanks (all) for your advice so far.

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