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Aiming to replace this read me soon with another, a more welcome read me that points new people and old-alike in the direction of our rules FAQ. I aim to include a few tips, pearls of wisdom that should help out the newbies.

Nothing has specifically happened recently, but we do occasionally want to get the point across that some actions can have a direct consequence on the forum.
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Yes - Although I can appreciate your reasons, the way your ReadMe is worded is currently not very welcoming even though I'm sure it's intended to be friendly. As a new member it's actually been unfriendly enough to have put me off.

I hope you'll understand that all I'm doing is being very honest and am not seeking to be confrontational. Afterall, you have realised this for yourself if I've read your post correctly.

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Not really, but at the time I didn't have time to be specific. Its still very valid in its message that some people take liberties that ultimately spoil it for the others.

From the feedback we have received in reply to it, the majority appear to agree that the message it conveyed was important and needed to be made.

But this thread was a means to and end and probably not as relevant now as it once was. Though every user does receive a welcome PM and a link to the forum rules and has for some time.

But the forced read tool seems to have a wider reach and is giving favourable results, so now its time to use it in a more focused manner. In due course this will swing into action.
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Old 16-09-2011, 13:37   #324
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Seems to be a spate of bannings happening at the moment, are they for the same reason? Should we be aware to which rule people have broken not to do the same thing?
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Obviously the rules are there to guide people.

If you blatantly ask to do something contrary to them, get refused & do it anyway - you can expect to be removed while it's discussed.
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big eck
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Is there a rule in particular that's constantly broken thats caused the bannings?
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That's a good point !!! great work !!!
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marv_n69, Mashburn, MasserS, Massileon20vt, MatejW, MatG, Matrix, matsportline, matt l, MATT RILEY, Matt S!, matt110tdi, matt5964, MattBennett, mattbrowning, MATTCR, mattdavies, mattfas, MattFrench, mattmk2gti, mattster, mattupnorth, Mattwood, Matty., matty1977, Mattyh87, matt_k, matt_s, matylad, MaxKopf, mazzerati, mboyle290, McBruce, mcchriswood, mcculloch, mcevoy85, Mcpickering, mcsolle, mdaw1985, mds1256, meckanix, megadyptes, Mellow Yello, meltonlad, Memphis, metroarmadillo, Mewcenary, mgoslett, mgrays, mhill, michaelg1001, MichalR, Mick288, mickeykdan, micky 32, microgerry, midgetgem, mihaib, Mike H, MIKE THOMPSON, mike000, mike2926, mike89, MikeA, MikeO, MIkey kc, Mikey P, MikeyS, mikey_b, Mike_08, mike_allison, milesyboy1, Millbo, milli, ming, minimivic, mini_hammy, mintyWRX, Misko, Miss Hamilton, miss_cupraR, mister.c., MisterE, Mitchy, MitraShark, mixupz, MJ, mjh_cupra, mjt, mk4 cupra, mklock, MMA FR150, mnkiboy, Mo Arif, Mobo, mode, Moffat, Molehill_Mike, Moley RUFC, momiwi, monkee, monkeynuts, Monks Seat, montyb, moojii, morleymackam, morrischad, moshii, Mossberg, motty225, motty_90, mouse1989, MPJ88, mpm1987, Mr Az, Mr Bigglesworth, Mr Cellotape, Mr Diet, mr noisy, Mr OCD, Mr Roboto, mr0709, MrBen2k7, mrg, MrNailer, MrNorma, Mrski1, MrTurner, mrvavavoom, MrWill, mrwookie, mr_D, Mr_Dave, Mr_Magistus, mr_merc, Mr_Tom_Tom, mt audio, MTIbiza, mty12345, muddyboots, MUFFIN, Mukkyman, muks11, Mully, Munky, munkyboy, Murdered LCR, Muttley, Muzorewa, mYGeL, Myki da Pyki, Mylo, mymorph, N Jardine, n0ble, n11tht, Nabraxas, Nafo, nak, nam, name__taken, nat85, nate03, Nath., nathan., Nautilus, nayhorn, Naz, Nazlfc, nc30rider, ndbrgr, ne11er, Neale, nealo, Neel-Cupra, neenor, Nef, Neg., neil, Neil82, neil@greenlight, NeilC, neillys75, neilmac, neilo42, neilpaul89, NeilW, Neil_Ireland, Neo, neo265, Neo_VR, Nev_LCR, Newstarter, Ni Cupra, nibbles, nick-barnes07, nick-fr, Nick2008, nicklaus27, NickLCR, nickleon44, nicko16, NickP, Nickrobz, nicksxjr, NickT, nicky1873, NickyJam, Nick_A, Nick_J, nightflight, nikstar, Niktron, nils 6l, nilz, Nimbur20, Nimzy, ninjabadger, NinjaPirateUK, niw2500, Noam, nobba, Nobber, Noel<>leoN, nokiauk, noktoto, nomad, noodle, Norrisibiza, Novataken, ntvrman, nugget, Number86, NumberoftheBeast, Nutkin, nuts, nutter_engineer, nutty_merka, nvidia, NWhiteley, Nyteshade, n_d_fox, n_olympios, obou, Octane2097, Ocularis, OFI, oi_nutter2000, Oj 89, Ol' Timer, olaf, old 'uns, old yella, oldman, OldNick, OLDOILER, oldtimer, olethalb, oli h, OliMonty, olip74, Oliveracc, ollieb023, OllieL, olliep, olvie, Omagh.NI, oneofthetwins, on_the_verge, orange, orangemuffin, orca, OrcaGti, Orion1969, orson carts, OvniAl, OVNIWCE, Ovni_cupraR,, P0LKR, P1CK4D, p1tse, p34ch3y, p5yco, p888uld, Pabs, Pacey, pacm0n, PaoloB, Par, PAS, pasty, Pat15312, paul geraghty, Paul T, paul-murphys, paul6316, pauldredge, PaulieB, Paulki, PaulLC, paultownsend, paulw2427, Paul_W, PDaddy, pdcupra, pdh 14a, Pedestrian, pedy, Pegsy, pekingprawn, Peppermuncher, Pepz, perky85, pete evans, pete147, pete34a, pete88, peterrc, peter_cupra197, Petrol-Head-Pete, Petronille, pezman32, PH1L NI, phatchoonz1, Pheo, phey708, PHIL LCR, Phil MC, phil3012, phil8vgti, philameena, philaw, philc, philjc99, Phillc, phillpotts92, PhilOfCas, philsip, PhilW, PhilYerBoots, Phil_B, phil_m, Phuture, pietwillem, Pigeon142, pilz, pingu, Pingu101, Pinocchio, pinsnpies, PiperRS, Piston N Broke, pj106, pj1985, PJ_TDi, PlatinumR, PLuKE, plumbrob, pmcd84, Poochy, porterbmx, PostieTdi, Poundie, powernut, Prebs, predo, Presha, Prev, PRF2k, Priezti, probee, Proby, Proc, processpaul, product, Proff_CUPRA 180, projectgingawar, pstables, PSV6, PSX, psycho-pancakes, Ptar64, ptycupra, Puddleduck, Purple Tom, push, pwskingle, qed296, QuietQuackers, qwert, R 20vt J, R French, R0b, R100XET, R1ch85, R4cup, R4MSN_86CUPRA R, R666CHE, R69, R953 VSE, R@B, rabe187, RabReith89, racer66, RachIbiza, raddo-dave, Radge-Aha, Rael, raepaul, Raffles, ragga63, RaggedLob, rahul, rallynut, ralph, Rampage, Rangers, Rarpuc, Ravey_Cupra, RaviR50, Razor, realneal00_0, red line fun, red1.4, redcupraboy, Redemption, redkite, RedLCR, reesy, reflexuk, Renda, repoman, Reuvers, Rev, revo, revo carl, Revo Kev, revo20vtdan, rf860, Rgm racer, rhumber, rhysox, Rhys_, ri5t0, Ric 2001, Ricardo, Ricardo_Smooth, rich RS, Rich S, rich.h44, rich146, Rich23 UK, rich3001, Rich666, RichardBW, richardc, richardtank, richellis, RichieRich, richieroo, RichL, RichLCR225, RichN, Richy!!!, richybigman, richypanic, Rich_j_Williams, RicJames, Rick1.8t, rickyb90, RickyD1975, rico, Righttoe, RikH, Rikko, Riko, Riley TDi, rimmo64, ringer, risted, rix, RJMaeer, rk696, Rlawrie45, rllmuk, rob - 73, Rob GTI, Rob McCool, rob929, ROBBAT, Robbie C, Robbo73, robbob, robcool, robdf2, RobDon, Robdrums, robepton, Robert Barnes, robertg919, robertj, robertnitro, RobH, robin cur, robint, robjnr, robk2009, robreidmotors, RobsCupra, Robsport, Robster5, robstyler_uk, RobT, RobVT, rocco1, rockape, Rocky Rocastle, rocky2008, rod the sod, RodneyA, Rog., rogers, rolandinho, roloking1806, roly, Romeoisgraham, Ronin225, Ronman, ronnie35, Rory101, Rory1984, rosco07, Rosco906, RoSonic, ross p, ross27, rossers87, RossIBIZATDI, rossidfootball, Ross_Cupra-R, rpmleon, RpR, rsconfusion, rsmith, rsr, rsshawn, rs_jon, Rua1r1, ruba, Ruddmeister, rudgey, RUM4MO, runboy, Russ3474, russman68, Russo, russT, russ_coffey, Russ_tdi, rv2583, RVP09, ryan106, ryan_s3, Ryeh82, S's Cupra, S.c.r.e.a.m, S.E.C.T., s10mph, s1l3nc3r, s2celly, S2TTB, S3 AKR, s3 evil, S3 Nattie, s3tony, s4oopie, s5luf, SA Polo, sabatar, sacho, sahar, saintelise, SalSheikh, SalterTDI, Sam221, sambryant, sammyd240584, SamsCupra, sando88, sandro123, Sanjay, scardy, scarface, Scby555, schnipps, Scimitar, scl1982, SCOBLADE, scooby76, ScoobyJawa, scoobysnax, ScotlandToIbiza, Scott-o, ScottHmk4, ScottiCupraTDI, scottR, scottslb1111, Scotty229, scottym, scottzedal, Scully, SCupra, sdownie1, Sean1060, SeanCorky, seantdi, SeanyK, Seat Adam, Seat Gooner, SEAT leon 007, seat sean, Seat-Chris, SEATCOOBER, seatcupra, seatdude, seatkev, Seatmann, SeatR, seattoby, seat_lion, seat_rich, sebasti0n, Seb_P, secret.squirrel, seremotors, sgtcortez, Shadders, SHADY-NINJA, Shaggy, shamoo, shaneseat, Shani, shantybeater, Sharky_82, shaun-the-sheep, shaun., shaun@amdessex, shauncupra, shaunfriend, Shaunyboy, shaunymac, Shaun_E, shaw25, Sheff's Cordy, sheffboy, SheffieldKid, shefflad, sheph4rd, shorty40, Shorty_rs, Shrek, shuikit, si-mate, sickpupppy, sida, SidewaysCupra, sie77, SigmaDelta, Signor Whippy, Sile-R, silver surfer, Silver1.6-Sport, silverfox, simch, simonj, simonsen82, simonthekane, singh123, sirjimalot, Sisson, siwel, sixarm, sixfifty, Si_TDi_FR, sjc59, skahigh, skinnylew, Skint, skOOby, Skorchio, skott101, skullmunki, sl1m1thy, slappy_dunbar, slicecbr, slick, slim20vt, Slimy, Slippery_Stu, sloppycupra, Sly-Delvecchio, Small, smark32, Smartiemnx, smiff, Smiler-MK2, Smithy, smithygcupra, smivvy, SmogMonster, smokey267, Smoki333, sm_cupra, sockpuppet, soggyandsad, somie2k, Songman, Sooty torques, sooty16v, sooty22, Sootycuprabod, SOUTHSEAT, SP.DK, sp1derman78, Space Coyote, Sparkie, sparkie1984, sparkyc, SpawnAgain, Speed-FReek, speedinsaxo, Speighty, spen, spenny2004, spikeydoo, splatrat, splodge54321, sportbilly, Sportrider, Spud_G40, SpursMadDave, spyke85, Squintstream, SRStdi, ss55eat, SSimpson3, sssstew, st10587, St3f!, staneko, stani540, Starbucks78, Stark, Staszek20vt, ste-lfc, Stealthdave, Steely, steerinfromrear, steevie wonder, stef cupra, steffers, stephenSF, steslatt, Steve, steve p, Steve TDI, SteveC123, stevegti6, stevei'D, steven878, Steveo83, stevesulsh, SteveTDCi, steveyg, steve_p, stevie steve, stevo lcr, Stevo16v, stevoibizacupra, stewbake, stezo2k, STOCKY, stokeballoon, STOKOE, stoneyfordNI, stpete, str8ballin, Street, strensall, string, Stroppy, strummer, stu 157-330, Stu B, stu38, stu666, Stuart83, stuartsjg, Stuart_cupra, StuC, stucupra r, stukillen, stumack, stump, stupac, Stupra, Stu_pot, such, Suchley, suj, sunilbass, sunny2k2000, superstar151082, Super_Cupra_7, super_electric, surreyfull, Suze, svj, sweetfr, sweetlittle, Swig, swilky23, swoosh225, Swordjo, sydoggkdy, T108, Tabs, Tagsy87, Taipan, TallFella, tallika_fan, Talx, Tam, Tangerine_Dream, Tara, Tartan58, tarzan, tashacupra, TatoTDI, TazB, tb130, tchoff, TDC, TDCupra, TDI PEP, tdi_chris1, TDI_Drew, TDi_FR+, TDI_luver, tdi_swedge, Teasy, techathy, techie, techno, teds1969, tedvagas, TeeJay, teepee4bh, teeth2k, tekin, tel19, tener, tequilan, terry, Tfsi_Mike, tgorman, ThackersLCR, the cat, The crow, the dod, The MoffMeister, The Pielander, The stig 2, TheBigGM, TheCraig, thefatplasterer, thekingofming, TheOtherSimon, thePHILosipher, Theresias, thewiizard, thewilfmeister, the_fbi, the_prophet, thomasa, thompsy121, Thor_Asgard, THROBACK, Timberwolf, TimJK, Timm, Timmy B, TimsBamma, Timthebrief, TINCAN, Ting, tissot, tito2708, Tiz Cupra, Tizer, TJenkos, tkjeeves, TllEWL, TMO, tobi20v, Toledo Widow, toledo7175, Tolly, TOm, tom w, Tom., Tom03, tom167, Tom88, tombird, Tomer 20VT, Tomibz, TomJackUK, tommy-cupra, TommyCupra, tom_ibiza, tonijov, tonipieleanu, Tony Lawrence, Tony Tenpound, tony100, tony19b, tony323ci, tonycane, TonyK, toonfiend, Top Dog, Topsey, TornadoRed, Torquemonster, Toxic, traumapat, Treacle, trebormint, tred, treehugger, Trev, Tricky Red, tripdiesel, tris, TrisLC, truant2000, Trublu07, truCido, Trumpetman21, truss, TSL 333, tstrahonja, ttothec, TubbyTwo, Tucker157, tufftybloke, Tunerko, turbo009, turbo017, turboboy, Turf Burner 09, tussey01, tweedz, twenny, twnewcastle, TWO2TUF, Tyler Owen, tyrrell, T_higgs89, ucchockey, UFO Yellow, ukreddevil, Ultra_Joel88, UncleFester, unclelonghair, unclerichy, undefined, unikarl, unitzero, urz, usp, uuf361, uzi_cupra, uzzy, v-g, v0id, V5-Ant, v5er, vagfam1, Valhalla, valley, vangoo, varley16, vaudaz, Vaughny, vee_dub_modder, Velcro, Velkro, Vendelay, venner, vern, vetex racing, Vicky M, Viking, vikki, Vin-R, vincec79, vinny_cupra, Vipers_Venom, virdi, Vlad_TNS, volts, volvic, VRSLOZ, vRSy, vtxracer, vwbassett, w14ntd, w8scc, wacko_jacko, wackyracer, wagcupra1, waitsey, Wak, wakko, Wardy TDi, wardy2602, Warrenb, warren_cox, WASPY, waterdale, WaveyDaveyGravy, wayne lcr, WayOnHigh, Wazuke, WeeG, WeeJase, weemanno1, wee_john 20vt, welly, welsh frtdi, wenman, westallc, Westle, westoncraig, wes_keo, Wev, Wheely, Whitechapel, White_Lady_170, Whitfield150, widdowd, widearch, wieselmad, wigz45, wild willy, WildChild88, WileEcoyote, Wilkeh, Wilkip, Wilko, wilksy, wilky87, will105, Willie, willives, Willlee81, will_ainsworth, Wilson, wilz, wisejason, wise_crak, Witalik, wizzard99, wjohnson, wmffra, wobblelino, wolfie150, wolkanku, Wolvotim, womble68, woodlehouse, woody1986, WozzaM, WRC555, Wrighty, wurzel, WW_VRS, Wynford, xavier de, xbethanyx, xcore, xhellixx, xJib, xnox202, xxNickyxx, xyz, x_hale, X_Lollypop_X, Yaboy, Yannerson, Yello, yellowbeezer06, yessar_kd, YIN, Yosh, yusuf_1977, zan, Zeap101, zermattbusby, Zero, ZeroCup, zetor8441, zomby, _AJ_, _chris_, _Hellfire_, _williams_, __B3NNY__
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