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VAG-COM & Diagnostics VAG-COM is a diagnostics program that allows your PC to talk to your ECU - All VAG-COM / 1551 questions to be posted here

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Originally Posted by D1x0n View Post
bristol people put your hands up...
theres a reward init!!
Is there anyone from Bristol who does mods with VCDS?

Many thanks
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Full Genuine VCDS

North West Cumbria

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Auvache has 10 points
Essex VCDS

Anybody within the Essex area that has one of these? I need to rest my airbag warning light that has come on. Please pm me.
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Is there anyone from Manchester who does mods with VCDS on leon FR 5F?

Many thanks
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VCDS / VAG-COM Register - Who's got what and where?

Anyone in Bromley south east london think of getting my egr tuned down I think term is
Have a seat leon 1.9 pd130

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Anyone in the Bridlington area?
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Anyone able to provide a VCDS check in Derby. Just want to make sure everything is running as it should! Timing, air fuel ratio etc.
On its way!!! Altea Freetrack 4WD 2.0tfsi - mods TBC
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jj leon
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What can be done from vag come, needle sweep, auto closing windows mirrors, just wondering as would like to make some changes on the mk2 leon 2006
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Originally Posted by jj leon View Post
What can be done from vag come, needle sweep, auto closing windows mirrors, just wondering as would like to make some changes on the mk2 leon 2006
Maybe. It will all depend on the type of cluster and BCM you have in your car.
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jj leon
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How do you find this out mate, would just like to see what can be done could you send me a list of all the things that can be done please
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Search the forum for a list, but a 2006 model will have limited functions. It was only round this time more and more things were added. Needle sweep isn't One I don't believe.
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zotya26 has 10 points

I am looking for somebody with vcds cable in corby.


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Anyone in the Wolverhampton area?
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Originally Posted by andyhope View Post
HEX-CAN USB, Full version.

No laptop access except when I pinch one off brother, so you'd need to supply your own

Based in Durham (DH6) - close to Peterlee, Seaham, Hartlepool, etc
do you still have the cable mate? I`m in Newton Aycliffe.

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Anyone around bromley or Kent area

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does anyone in the northwest or west Yorkshire have VAS?
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Originally Posted by Mattd938 View Post
does anyone in the northwest or west Yorkshire have VAS?

Wysłane z mojego SM-G935F przy użyciu Tapatalka
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Anyone in Northern Ireland that can code a few things on a 5F? Cornering lights etc.
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anyone got vagcom in the midlands ??
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Hi, does anyone have vcds around Stafford or close by? I have a door locking problem.
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