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fault codes on seat fuel pumps

evening all im in need fo some help on this matter i have just had my car come back from a seat dealer and they have quoted me over 2 k to get what i can only see as the same or similar issue as im reading on here they hae told me that there is possible wear on my fuel pump and camshaft and have said that it is a full head strip and new camshaft and pump the car in question is a 58 plate 2ltr tfsi fr can anyone advise on this i have a list of fault codes that they came up with and after 300quid they came up with a 50 50 but no quarantee unless both were changed

carried out quided fault finding for eml with 7 codes recorded, carried out test plan for 3 available fault codes for known fault with tpi for 3 of the 7 codes, removed hogh pressure fuel pump to check for wear. unable to check cam properly

fault codes

p0441 - p3188 (static) - p2008 (static) - p310b - p129f (static) - p2261 - p0087

on road test only one code comes back

p129f possible high pressure pump failing

this was their report had i not been with my wife she would have authorised them to strip the cam shaft from the head luckily i stoped them and refused them to allow to strip the cam.

the caar runs beatifull but has a small imtermitant fault does this tie up with everyone elses problems

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Hello mate

The 2008 fr engine should be Revised.
What your describing was more of a issue with earlier tfsi engines.
How ever cam shaft followers can cause major issues, if they have never been changed.

If i was you i would get a second opinion.

From Bill Badger on here in the Tuners Section
Or TSR Bridge water.
Both No the tfsi engine inside and out.

Hope this helps.
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Just replaced my cam follower again, here's a comparison pic of the original factory CF replaced at 22k and its replacement which has done 25k. I'm guessing that the extra wear on the original is down to it bedding in to a new camshaft? The replacement, despite doing more miles is only just beginning to wear through the coating but it doesn't show in the picture and you can barely see with the naked eye, so I would say replacing every 25k to 30k is about right.
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Does this issue affect the 2010 Cupras (10 plate). I am led to believe I have the newer TSI engine which is supposed to use a roller cam as opposed to a cam follower however, The TSI engine looks like it has the oil disptsick on the left hand side and the oil filter on top of the engine and mine looks like a TFSI with the dipstick at the front and the oil filter at the bottom so I am a bit confused? Do I have a TFSI or TSI and do I need to be checking my cam follower?
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Dan FR
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So yes get it checked

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Do you know the part number for replacement and the seal that gets disturbed when you take the pump off?
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Right, so I have managed to get round to fitting a new cam follower and there wasn't much wear but as I already had the new one, I fitted it. Would it be possible that this has been changed previously judging by the minimal wear or was this not such a big wear issue on the FL Cupras? The car has 62,000 on the clock now and 55,000 when I bought it 1 year ago.

I noticed there was some crud in the pump even though the car has had regular servicing.

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