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Mii Citycar MY2012 onwards, due in Spring All the details as we know it will appear here

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I had a 95 PS Ibiza 1.0tsi as a loan car last time the Mii was in for service and really liked the engine - good slug of almost diesel like torque low down but still liked to rev (very like a Ford Ecoboost as you might expect). VW have been very slow in exploiting this engine unlike Ford who offer it in almost everything with up to 140ps.

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1.0 tsi

Had my Leon serviced yesterday and again got a 1.0 tsi Ibiza (a different one) as a loan car. Remain very impressed with this little 3 cyl turbo.

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The Seat Mii is essentially the same car as the Skoda Citigo and the VW Up, sitting between its two sister cars on price
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Update - 3 years on

Originally Posted by Stagsfell View Post
The little Mii gets very few posts on here (yeah, I know this is SEAT Cupra.net!) so I thought I'd do a quick update on the wife's at just over 2 years.

Not a lot to add actually - the car is used almost daily but is literally used as a shopping trolley and meet the girls for lunch vehicle, rarely over 5 miles at a time, which in my experience is very hard on a car.

Despite this no problems at all, fires up first time, averages about 50 mpg which is 25% better than her old Ka and goes up to mid-high 50's when I give it a decent run from time to time.

Only issue has been radio reception (common complaint on Up!/Citigo) forums and even this was much improved by a longer aerial as mentioned in separate thread.

So, still happy with it for all the reasons in previous post and would recommend as a city car with decent ability to tackle longer journeys. Now, if only they'd do a Cupra .......................!
Just a quick update after having 3rd service and 1st Mot which was passed with no issues and Mrs S remains very happy with the Mii.

Only comment to add to previous posts is we had some issues with condensation over the winter. This is a very common complaint on the Up! Forum often attributed to the relatively large glass area, unpainted upper door panels and blocking of the under bonnet plenum chamber. I have paid extra attention to this and also kept a silica gel bag in the car which seems to have done the trick. Our car unfortunately has to live outside near several trees which does not help.
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