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Leon FR stalling at low speeds.

Beckys TDI Leon FR has always done this every now and again but she mentioned it again yesterday so I thought I'd ask about it.

What seems to happen is that at very low speeds the engine stalls for no apparent reason

I've had it happen to me once, and Becky gets it occasionally, it can be a long time between times it happens, and after restarting the engine everything seems fine again

Don't forget this TDI had unleaded put in it on it's first day so I'm wondering if something was damaged. Thing is it's so rare that it happens a dealer would never find a problem unless a fault is logged.

Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem?

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I had this problem when i changed from Shell Diesel to BP Ultimate. Maybe i should have reset the ECU to see if it cured the fault but have gone back to Shell now and not had a problem since.

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Is this her first diesel? Dont forget the tickover is higher than on a petrol model.
If she is used to coasting around corners at low revs and expecting a petrol engine to be forgiving by firing up again in the event of a stall this just desnt happen with a diesel. (no spark plugs)
You cant let the revs drop to below 700 or your diesel will stall with an amighty clunk.
Have to get used to changing down more often!
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When you mention very low engine speeds are you describing when you are crawling in traffic and letting the clutch out with no accelerator so the engine is under load?

If so that is normally a tallent of diesel engines where they have enough torque to move off with.

I must admit that the 130pd engine I had in my previous A4 was better at it than the 150FR.

However, it still can do it and if yours is stalling where you think it should have been fine, then I would suggest something is wrong

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It's not like a stall so much, more you put your foot back down and realise the engine has stopped. It happened to me during a gear change at about 10mph as I was changing gear. It's only happened once when I've driven it. The clutch was in at the time.

It was very odd though, no reason I could think of for it, and Becky has had the same unexplained stall. She had a petrol previous, but I actually don't find it any different to drive than the R in practice.

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