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Old 07-03-2016, 15:23   #1
SCN Admin
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Exclamation We are moving on Tuesday 15th March 2016 at 10am


On Tuesday 15th March at around 10am the entire SEATCupra.Net site (main website and forums) will be migrated to a new hosting environment.

The current hardware reached end of life some time ago so we are moving to hosted solution that will give us more resilience and capacity to grow as required in the future. We are also considering a major upgrade to our forum software at a later stage.

During the migration the site will either be unavailable or in maintenance mode for up to two hours.

Also, this year SEATCupra.Net will be 15 years old. We are proud of this achievement and would like to pass on a big thank you to all our loyal members and especially our moderators and sponsors who help us keep the site running.

We are hoping to do something special to mark the occasion this year so keep an eye on the forums. We'd love to involve as many people as possible.


Scott, Mark (Zboyd) and Mark (M0rk)
Site Administrators

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Old 12-03-2016, 21:48   #2
Jack-RIP my little Friend
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good luck guys
onwards and upwards

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email me
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Old 12-03-2016, 21:54   #3
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Good luck with the migration, hope it goes smoother than the two pieces of software I migrated this week!

Something special sounds good, see if you can convince Seat to give me... err... a lucky member a new car. A new 5 door Leon FR would fit the bill nicely
2004 Black Magic Leon Cupra TDI (daily driver)
1991 Nissan 200SX S13 (fun car - slowly being put back together)
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Old 12-03-2016, 22:05   #4
sarcasm comes free
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It's already up and running, just a case of copying this database & change the DNS (while leaving the old forum in maintenance mode)

It'll be fine
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Old 12-03-2016, 22:09   #5
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Good luck with the migration guys, hope it goes smoothly !
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Old 12-03-2016, 22:25   #6
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Bonne continuation success for all
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Old 12-03-2016, 22:55   #7
Northern Monkey
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Nice one guys
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Old 13-03-2016, 00:09   #8
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nice job. thank you for everything you all do behind the scenes
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Old 13-03-2016, 00:16   #9
Big Lee M
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Great achievement with 15years under your belts. You've all done a great job and thanks for all the info I've got from here.
Mk2 Leon Cupra K1 with a few little tweaks here and there for that little extra fun. Including full engine rebuild!
My Readers Rides
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Old 13-03-2016, 03:20   #10
status subject to change
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wow 15 years already.

look forward to finding out what we can be a part of..

thanks to all those who put time into SCN
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Old 13-03-2016, 07:25   #11
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Wow keep up the good work. This place has been a source of many good times.

Seat Leon Cupra 280 & Seat Leon SE (Guess which ones mine...)
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Old 13-03-2016, 08:16   #12
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Good Luck!
No'1 Site in the world for seat owners.
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Old 13-03-2016, 09:10   #13
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Good effort on the 15 years that's a great achievement.
2008 Candy White Cupra R-Tech Stg 2+ 370.1 BHP/406.3 FTLB BCS TBE
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Old 13-03-2016, 09:47   #14
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Great news.
15 yrs, well done.
Thank you to the people who keep the website going behind the scenes and of course to the present members and new members joining.

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Old 13-03-2016, 09:55   #15
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Thanks for the info!
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Old 13-03-2016, 10:24   #16
sarcasm comes free
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Originally Posted by andycupra View Post
wow 15 years already.

look forward to finding out what we can be a part of..

thanks to all those who put time into SCN
And still I haven't worked out what S.K.W.K.L.B.O.F H.K.S.K.P.P.P. means
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Old 13-03-2016, 10:33   #17
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Good to hear, so the domain name will remain the same?
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Old 13-03-2016, 11:22   #18
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FYI the way you have made this thread so it has to be read has really screwed my tapatalk (anyone elses)? Every time I tried to view anything I got a popup saying the admin want me to view a thread before I can continue but that was it, no way to find the thread or view it. I have had to change my default settings on my phone to open in a different browser rather than tapatalk to get to here. Might just be me but thought I'd let you know incase you wanted to change the thread settings to stop other people having the same
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Old 13-03-2016, 12:03   #19
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have 2015 Cupra 280 Have a problem with interior light flickering when throttling /braking any ideas. bear with me am new to site
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Old 13-03-2016, 12:18   #20
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Originally Posted by davelee View Post
have 2015 Cupra 280 Have a problem with interior light flickering when throttling /braking any ideas. bear with me am new to site
You're more likely to get better visibility of that in the section of the forum dedicated to that model.
2004 Black Magic Leon Cupra TDI (daily driver)
1991 Nissan 200SX S13 (fun car - slowly being put back together)
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