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Mk4 Ibiza FAQ's (6L) 2002-2008 A list of helpful information provided by Mk4 Ibiza/Cordoba owners, for Mk4 owners

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How to: Sticky boot badge

Well, first post and its a how to -
This is a common problem as i have had 3 Seat locks with this problem so i thought i'd address it.
This may not be the first guide, but this is my version.

--- I will add pictures when i have made enough posts ---

I have found that the problem is down to the hinge pin, either it clogs up with dirt or rusts which inhibits the movement.

Tools you will need (or find useful) include:

10mm socket - Remove lock from boot
Pliers - Pull hinge pin
Hammer - Tap out hinge pin
Drift punch/small screwdriver - Tap out hinge pin
Torx T20 driver - Remove trim screws
Abrasive pad/sand paper/metal polish - Remove corrosion and prep hinge pin
Drill - Spin hinge pin against abrasive
Long life/general purpose grease - Lube and protect various parts of lock

Step 1 - Remove Tailgate trim:

Remove the two tail light access panels, there should be one T20 screw beneath each - remove them.
Take off the panel covering the latch, there will be two more T20's - remove them.
One last screw in the handle of the tailgate trim, once removed there will be 10 strong metal clips holding the trim panel in place, it's a little hard to get it started but once you get a corner lifted the rest should follow.

Step 2 - Remove the lock mechanism:

There will be three 10mm nuts holding the lock into the holder, remove these along with the electrical connector, then pop the latch interconnect out of the the ball joint.
The lock and motor should slide out of the boot.

Step 3 - Knock out the hinge pin:

Identify the knurled side from the rounded side, use the hammer and punch or small screwdriver to knock the pin out from the NON-knurled side so it does not travel through the assembly.

Step 4 - Clean:

While everything is out, take the time to clean out the inside of the lock mechanism and the spring.
Insert the extracted pin into the drill and spin it in the abrasive weapon of choice, be careful not to sand off the knurles on one side of the pin.
Once the pin is free of corrosion it is time to re assemble.

Step 5 - Lube it or lose it:

Apply grease to all moving parts - coat the spring, inside the handle where the pin slides through and the pin itself.

Step 6 - Reassemble:

Place the handle section into the base part and align the holes.
Slide the pin through with the knurled side last and tap it flush, dab grease on either side of the pin to prevent corrosion and assemble in reverse order
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I hope to give this a try over summer. I asked this exact question about a week ago, thanks for this!
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It should not take much longer than half an hour if you have everything to hand.
I have done this 3 times now, twice on the Arosa lock and they are almost identical. I should imagine this would work for almost all badge boot lock/handles in the VAG range.
I found the hardest part was removing the boot lid trim but a good tug directly backwards should get it going.
Good luck
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Old 11-05-2014, 04:15   #4
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Pictures as promised:
Knurled side

Knock out from this side

Pin removed, too rusty to function correctly

Sanded and polished ready for reassembly
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Old 03-07-2014, 12:31   #5
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Great guide, will defo do this over the summer
Black Magic Ibiza Cupra TDI
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It is possible to do it with a good spray of WD40. Mine was sticking for about 5 years. Gave it a really good spray so it was running out the bottom of the badge, then used a bit of 3 in 1 spray and it's been fine for the last 3 years. I do tend to spray it every 6 months
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Old 23-11-2014, 00:06   #7
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+1 for wd40 worked a treat for me 👍

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Old 18-10-2015, 20:47   #8
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Great instructions! Thanks.

I've had two Ibizas. First a 2000 SDi and now an 05 TDi FR. The old'un was fine, but this young'un is stiff as hell. I've drowned it in spray grease and it's made no difference. I'll give it a going over with WD and if that doesn't work i'll follow your instructions.
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Old 08-09-2016, 22:30   #9
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Not sure if this fella still posts or comes on here but just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant guide.
My boot lock is up and running again at zero cost!
My P&J is a 2007 Leon FR and the pin was so rusted I thought I was going to crack the lock housing getting it out.
Got there in the end though.
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Old 03-11-2016, 13:41   #10
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Hopefully this is aiming in the right direction for this thread...

My Mk 2 boot lock has died. I have had to resolder some of the wires but it is the lock that I assume needs replacing. The only way to get inside the lock itself is to drill out two rivets by the looks of things and I don't fancy that.

Any suggestions or anyone with a lock they could sell?

Any help and suggestions will be hugely appreciated!
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I’ll be giving this a go later this week
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