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Should work this time
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Now with new exhaust

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To many to mention buts here is few,
Hearld, first car, fell in love with it, brought one 10 years ago or so and what a load of rubbish,
Spitfire MK2, rebuilt engine 100mph at 6,000 revs + I think it was fun, it seem like it at the time,
Marina dont know what I was thinking at the time,
Mini GT fun but not fast, 30K a year, not the right car, 2 head jobs, alternators x3, water pump x2, engine braces x4 or even more, 50K and it was f**k*d, british leyland at its best
Citroen AX 1.4d almost as fast as the gt mini and with a K&N filter almost got the ton out of it,
Simiter GTE, a plastic tub, loks cool but isnt + 20 gallon tank (£100 quid + now).
MK2 RS2000, properly the best car I have had, quick rack, full bilston set up, anti dive kit, real rally tyres that only lasted 2-3,000. Needed a 5th gear.
DBS 6 (not the V8), fun but very, very expensive.
Alfa Alfetta 2.0, very under rated car, boring to look at but with same set up as coupe twin 40s (that dripped petrol if stationary) and doulbe OHC
VW camper, did a lot of europe in this, still miss it.
Pug 205, this car took a dirt track up the alpes to see some wild horses. Never saw the horses but bottom of pug was very shinney, thought it was fast as a gti, but I know it wasnt.
Fiat 126, followed a slow volvo estate once and flashed him to allow me to overtake, there wasnt a hope in hell of me getting by.
Mini x4, great cars but very sore on the hands if you have to work on them.
Renault 18, took us to the south of France with the wife, my parents and our 18 month old son. Took a track accross into Spain through puddles that came up to the bonnet, but it had to be done. Still married to the same woman,
XR2 and XR3i, quick for its time but the diesel is now just as quick
Rover 218, good workhorse, towed over 2 1/2 tons once and got away with it,
Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6d OK it cant be that bad, wrong, it was
BX GTi, Just never got used to it,
Honda civic, old type, lovely looker again but very poor build quality and I thought they were the best at the time,
Smartcar, fun for a lot of town work I do, never felt 100% safe in it
Mitsubishi Suppora (2door thing coupe)
Velo Solex bikes they are a bike to go get the fresh bread in the morning when over in france
2cv x5, Traveled many many miles in them, still have 1 1/2 as with the following two
Ami 6 break,
Dyane 6,
Citroen Manx, a very poor mans sports car with 602cc
Citreon HY van 3 speed gearbox, 20mpg, 56mph max, still have it
X-Trail 2.2 dci, great family car, but need speed so time to move on
VX220, what a car, still rare, great drive, but always looking in your rear mirror
VXT220, more of the same but just mad, 4.7 0-60, do miss it, but not the police escorts.
Latest a FR TDi 204 bhp / 420n/m still enjoy it after a year.
There are more but I cant leave them all, otherwise war and peace would seem a short storey. Now in my 52nd year and have had more cars than my age. Dam I could have bought 2-3 houses with all that money .

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I went from a Leon Cupra TDI to a Mondeo ST TDCI and now a Mk 2 FR TDI. I should have missed out the ST

Plus this for the weekends....

Evo X GSR 360 in Cool Silver
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freewheelin' - nice Evo
My Club - The UK's largest All Astra Club -

Black Magic Fr 170|18's|Bluetooth| lots of changes to come.
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Paddy Power
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Ibiza Cupra Tdi

If only I had the finances to run the 'beeza and the FR......
'07 Skoda Fabia Vrs SE #885, '03 VW Golf GT TDi 150

Gone but not forgotten Mk IV Ibiza Cupra Tdi, Mk2 Leon FR Tdi ....:
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Mk1 Fiesta
Mk1 Golf GTI
Mk2 Golf GTI
Escort RST
E30 320i
E30 325i
E30 325i Sport
E36 328i Sport
Nova GSI
306 Rallye
306 GTI
Corrado Storm 2.9
Ibiza 20VT Cupra
Leon Cupra R
Mk2 Cupra

Oh an a trusty 307HDI for yrs.
Audi RS3 - Buckets - Black Ed - Bose - Privacy....and more
VW California 180 DSG "Candy"

Previous SEAT's: CW Revo 2+ K1, LCR and Ibiza 20VT.
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I came from a 300bhp vectra VXR, spent 1/2 my life at the petrol station and the other 1/2 changing tyres !! The wife didn`t like it so it was doomed from the start ..

The FR Tdi is very impressive though, I never thought a deisel would be as smooth / quick as it is ...
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Mazda 6 MPS

Going: Leon FR 170 TDI Emocion Red
Coming: Octavia RS 2.0 TFSI Race Blue
Kawasaki Z750 '07 Candy Lime Green

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Originally Posted by Xe View Post
None, this is my first car
Nice first car!

My first car was an 11 year old mini which had an MW radio (no FM), the heater didn't work, there was a hole in the passenger footwell, a draft came into the cabin underneath the steering wheel and later in it's life it drank half a pint of oil every day. BUT, I still look back with fond memories, my first car man!
Exeo 170 TDI CR Black
Leon TDI FR PD170 MY08 Zenith, Leon Cupra TDI MY04 Plat Grey (REVOd), Leon Cupra 20VT MY02 Black Magic

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R Reg Pug 306 gti-6, amazing car.

W Reg Astra Sri 139bhp version

52 Reg Astra GSi 200bhp version

54 Reg MG ZR 160, terrible car, only had it 3 months

55 Reg MK I FR TDi

07 Reg MK II FR TDi

So looking at the list I only like hatchbacks then!
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Mine was a 2003 Seat Ibiza 1.2

Loved it but needed extra power, overtaking in it uphill was a no go!!
Now i got the grunt to overtake!!
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Its nice to see all the cars that lets say a "younger" drive. All the early car I drove didnt have ABS, no driver aids, brakes that stop when they felt like it, road holding was very intresting to say the least and cross ply tyres which no grip. Rust was the main problem which with advances in treatments and paint you just see now.
Driving towards a roundabout in the wet far to fast , your whole wieght press down on the brakes and think were you going to live. No air bag to save you here, just a lovely hard dashboard and sports steering wheel. Some of my college mates didnt and in a class of 30 or so over 4 years 3 died inc a biker. If you got to a ton it was a real buzz. I would have missed for the world because it makes you respect the great advances in in the cars over even the last 40 years. I also now the roads are far more busy and so is the saftey of cars. Hopefully the deaths and injuries are far less.
Drive safe please.
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Originally Posted by johnvx220 View Post
Its nice to see all the cars that lets say a "younger" drive. All the early car I drove didnt have ABS, no driver aids, brakes that stop when they felt like it, road holding was very intresting to say the least and cross ply tyres which no grip. Rust was the main problem which with advances in treatments and paint you just see now.
Driving towards a roundabout in the wet far to fast , your whole wieght press down on the brakes and think were you going to live. No air bag to save you here, just a lovely hard dashboard and sports steering wheel. Some of my college mates didnt and in a class of 30 or so over 4 years 3 died inc a biker. If you got to a ton it was a real buzz. I would have missed for the world because it makes you respect the great advances in in the cars over even the last 40 years. I also now the roads are far more busy and so is the saftey of cars. Hopefully the deaths and injuries are far less.
Drive safe please.
I agree the advancement in cars is amazing. I've only been driving 16 years and things have taken a big leap for the better in that time.

Drove my mates MG Midget once and that didn't even have servo assisted brakes, let alone ABS. Trying to get it to stop was like trying to brake on a push bike... You had to pump the brakes to get it to stop. No synchro on 1st and 2nd gear either...

As cars have got faster though, you do get the odd complete idiots nowadays. Like one yesterday in a Volvo on the M62, he must have been going 110/120 flashing everybody to move over the the inside lane, undertook a load of cars still doing the same speed on the inside lane and then proceeded up the slip road at the same speed.
Gone: MY08 SEAT Leon Cupra in Inferi Black
Current: MY09 Audi TT TDi in Condor Grey
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Back to the green pump...
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did this volvo have blue flashing lights.......
'08 FR TFSI Luna Grey - Currently
'57 2.0 TDI Ref Sport Zenith Grey - Gone!
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Originally Posted by LeonGTI View Post
did this volvo have blue flashing lights.......
Nope, it was an older Volvo on an 'R' plate.

I don't think it was an officer of the law...
Gone: MY08 SEAT Leon Cupra in Inferi Black
Current: MY09 Audi TT TDi in Condor Grey
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Mike H
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MG ZS180 - a cracking car.

Probably one of the most underrated cars by the motoring press.
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'85 Toyota Corolla 1.3 GL
'86 Cavalier SRI
'87 Orion I Ghia
'89 Astra GTE 8V
'93 Cavalier 2.0 CDX
'89 Rover 216
'90 Astra GTE 16V
'94 Rover 220 Turbo
'97 Astra 1.8 Cesaro
'95 Cavalier V6 Diplomat
'96 Rover Tomcat Turbo
'01 Mondeo ST24
'98 Impreza WRX
'02 Mondeo 2.0 Ghia X
'99 Golf V6
'98 Evo 5
'03 Focus 2.0 ESP
'04 Focus 1.6
'03 Golf 4Motion
'02 S3
'06 Focus ST2
'07 A3 2.0 Turbo S-Line
And the present car... '07 Focus ST3

Looking to get either a 12 month old Golf ED30 or a new Cupra this/next month
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Posts: n/a
micra SR
ibiza 130 fr
leon 1.9 150 fr
new leon 2.0 170 fr

must like the letter r...
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My motoring history has been quite shady to be honest...

1.3 Mk 3 Escort
1.6 VW Scirocco GT (Nice)
1.6 Mk 6 Escort >_<
1.1 Rover Metro
1.4 Peugeot 206

And now a 1.9 Leon TDi... And I have to admit, this car still makes me smile everyday, it's great!!!
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JJ-Griff, Jjay19, jka, jl_1981, jma8299, jmc1976, Jmerrie, JMF894, Jodrell, JoeF, joeljackson, joely, john doe, John-Cupra_TDI, john-e-big-guns, John007, JohnA-88, johnbev, johnj58, john_tdi, jonesy000, jonjay, jonny1978, jonnybravo, JonnyF, jonovan82, Jonsyb, JoonasFr, joostdeblok, Jordan359, Jordo, JoshCupraR, Joshh, Joshkcupra, joshpmc, JP6, jpclarke, jreedy, Jrice283, JR_130, jt20vt, Jtfsi, Judgejim21, JulesT, JulianG, juls, jumpinjackflash, junglist_matty, Just Waxed, jwilkinson, JWLeeson, k1fro, K1ROSEDAM, K1Shane, k1_Joynesy, k1_tom, k2sse, K3mist, Kaivaksdal, Kali, karizma_fas, Karl db, Kaza, kazand, KDV, KebabWarrior81, kegger, Keith Wood, Kempy 81, Kendy90, kennedyuk2001, kenny_fr, kerem129, Kev Hall2, kev64, Kevaloni, Kevgrady, kevin1989, Kevo, kevscupra, kevzy, kezFR07, Kibby, killbot, killieboy123, KillieFr, kineticz, kingy89, Kirkycupra, KJS, Klone, knight, knight85, Knight_Rider, koush, kr42yxx, Kraken, krigl, KrystenCTR, kyleb123, kylemartin93, Kylep943, Kywy,, L8W FR, lajohnz, Lancashire_guy, lard44, lardyboy, LCR33, LCRnorwich, LC_15, lc_allan, Lee Edgecombe, lee wwfc, lee123, lee3011, LEE69, leecupra240, leemac, LegoVRS, Lenzman, Leon1600s, leon263, leoncp11, LeonCR, LeonES, LeonFR07DSG, LeonFRDave, LeonFRMK1, Leonsteve, leon_in_uk, leon_lib, Leon_MHX, Leroy75, lesinge2k, lewischadwick7, LewisW, lewlau, lexyy, LFR 87, libiza2007, lil3520, Lincs Badger, Lisacupra, litcan91, littlefella, lj03, locky, lodge, Loftus, loonitic, Lorand02, lordgibbness, Lostinspace, LOU ROB, Loud, lsg60, Lucio Bravo, luke c, luke2702, LukeFR, lukeyyyyy, Luke_buk, Lumby, luntley24, LWCARAB, m.001, M1C VX, M20FES, m4nny, m4rtin, M600RKC, M6TT F, M7R, Mad Jock, Madscientist, MadsenTDi, makiblake, makkakm, MalcB, Malice19, malky39, Maln, Mandip, Mandu, manji, Manny, ManOnTheMoor, Mao, Marcjones, marcus.l, marcussss, Marino, mark-cupra, markgb, MARKG_BOC, markh2908, Markie68, Markkoni, markl, markmeus, markoos, markpile, marks_leon, MarkWabe, MarkWales, Mark_349, Marshall, MartFR, martin j., Martin_DSG, marty_34, marv_n69, maryius, MasserS, Masterkm, MatG, MathiasVN, matie_7500, matsuyama, Matt cla, matt l, MATT RILEY, matt-tsi, matt09, matt18384, Matt22, Matthew FR, matty1000kk, mattyglcr, mattyholmz89, Maypack, McDubber1, mcevoy85, MCFChris, mcmanus1806, mdmay, Mdonno, MDS, melkor12, metman9185, Mexicano, mi9tchy, mick710, micklad, mickster69, microgerry, Midgeman, Mike H, Mike R, mike000, mike0105, mike32, mikee66, mikey_b, Millbo, milsom, mini_hammy, minority, Mint, Misko, Mk23078, mk4 cupra, ml55, MM95, mnkiboy, Mobo, MOE16V, moggy, moggytom, mogsy, Molvi, monkgti, morganl01, morini, morleymackam, Morny, mosso, mouse1989, MPJ88, Mr Scubatank, mr.chris, MrBen2k7, mrg, mrratty, mrsixstring, mrvavavoom, Mr_Dave, mr_wenz, MUFFIN, muks11, Mully, Murdered LCR, Musty Pie, MWG, Mylo2912, N Jardine, N417H4N, nabba7862, Nads123, nak, nally270lb,TQE, nap69, NAS23, Nath-leon, Nath., nathan_20vt, nathcup, natter07, naveedleonfr, nc30rider, ndbrgr, nd_cento, Neal, nealy578, Neel-Cupra, neeleyveeley, Nef, Neil27, neil37, neilm, neiloid, neilopafc, neil_1821, Never2old, Newm2017, Nialler FR, nibbles, Nick G, nick-fr, Nick2008, Nick666, NickCupraR, NickLCR, nickleon44, NickP, nicksxjr, Nick_TDi, NigelCupra, NinjaPirateUK, Nobber, nog, noktoto, northernmonkey, Notleks, notorious_d, Nutkin, NWhiteley, obes, Ol' Timer, Oldboyracer, OldManPooley, OldNick, olip74, omercanilica, Onelover, oneofthetwins, on_the_verge, Orguss, orion69, Overclocked, Ovni_cupraR, owen lcr, Oz, ozaudio, Ozmeister, ozzyfizzle, P0LKR, p0tter, p11lkw, P13ULC, PABLO1977, pacm0n, paddles, patchb, paul-murphys, paul160, Paul197, paul6316, paul7619, paulgtir, Paulleon, paulmcmillen, PaulMo, paul_zx6r, PawelDSG, pdh 14a, Pedestrian, pedy, Penguin, Peppermuncher, Petecog79, Peter 87, Petrol-Head-Pete, phat purple one, Pheo, phil3012, philaw, PhilT123, philt90, phil_monk31, Phoenix27, pigeon fancier, Pinocchio, pizza85, PJ_TDi, PlatCupraJedi, PlatinumCupra, ploots, PLuKE, podderz, pods, Poko, poliq, POPOV, porksword28, PPHenry, pr0xy, predo, prezf, Pritchypritch, Pro1, Proby, propane94, psjunkie, pstables, psycho6285, ptycupra, Pure:Torque, purplehaze150, putridmocha, PWB2012, pwskingle, Qk1, QuietQuackers, R 20vt J, r401caw, R666CHE, R@B, racer66, RACK, radiotrib, Rael, RaggedLob, ragz, Raks, rallysport2000, ramborobert, Rampage, Rangers, rasco, rastajambo, Rav47y, raylee25, Raz_187, rbmike, RCS2K4, RD-Woo, RDS, RDS1972, Readie46, realneal00_0, rebel69, Red ibiza, red line fun, red mist, redcupra07, redcupraboy, Redemption, redrobo150, REDZ2002, Reece G, reesy, Rem, repoman, RevoMark, rf860, rhinooneshot, ri5t0, Rich - FR, rich RS, Rich S, Rich-I-Am, rich146, Rich84, richandbecks, Richard D, Richard FR, RichardE0, richellis, RichFR, richicupra, richroberts, Richy!!!, RicJames, Rickst3r, RickyD1975, rickyleon, Rickz, Rigla, RikH, rikwandi, rik_t, Rivva, rk696, rllmuk, RnPnJ, ro8, Rob FR TDi, Rob GTI, Rob66, Robban, Robbo-K1, Robbo73, robbob, robcool, RobCupra, RobFR, RobH, robin cur, robjnr, robloake, robokid, RobsCupra, robthebubble, Rob_Talisman, rockape, rocket3, rocket_26_, rod the sod, RodneyA, Roganjosh, Roger46, romeo, Ronby FR, Ronin225, Rorza, rosco07, ross27, ross75, rosshutchie, Rosskie, rougerogue, rowley2k9, rryans11, RSgeoff, rsr, rsx, Rua1r1, Ruddmeister, Rudester81, rudgey, Rusty2k, rv2583, RY4N, ryan106, Ryan6926, Ryanoceros, rödcupra, S.E.C.T., S2TTB, S3 AKR, S800BRN, S8N, sabri747, saedster, safc_chris, saintelise, sam-vr6, samc, samcar_98, samo, SamTurner, sando88, Sast, Sc4rface, scardy, Schumigt20vt, Scooby250, Scott.T, Scottcave94, scottfr, ScottHmk4, Scottmf, scottrobo23, scottthurlow, scotty026, Scotty2hotty, ScottyP, ScruffyLad, Scully, sdownie1, SeanCorky, SeanH, SeanyK, Seat racer, SeatDanny, seatgraham, seatleon2012, SEATLEONUK, seatturbopower, Seb_P, secret.squirrel, sedonou75, seremotors, Serum-916Mk3, seventen710, SexySeat, sfmk2., shabby.fx, Shadders, SHADY-NINJA, shadyshades91, Shak-310, shanky77, Shar, Shaun, shaun-the-sheep, Shaun83, shaunfriend, shaunr, ShaunUK27, ShaunyboyFR, shaunymac, Shawn-C-87, Shayz, Shepo08, Shins, shnazzle, shutcorea, sialdo, siandcian, sie77, silver surfer, SilverFiRe, SimD1978, Simes61, simon128927, simon54321, simonp123, singh123, SiPrince, siwel, Si_TDi_FR, sk4tec, skahigh, Skrilla Weston, Skyrocket, Slappi, slartibartfast, slepy, slimwiltaz, Smartee, smashingguy, Smee, Smigger, Smiler-MK2, smithsc, Smokemeakipper, smudge57, Snark, Snarks, solboy, SP.DK, Speed-FReek, spen, Spenno, speters2001, spikeydoo, Spirit Furtive, splatrat, splinter26, splinter_cdo, sportbilly, Sportrider, springer, Sprogpole, SpursMadDave, Squar, SSimpson3, st@rgixxer, staneko, STdemoniac, SteA, Stealthdave, StealthInspired, SteBainbridge, Steely, stef cupra, STEFanGB, Stegbot, Stegor, stephenh, stephenSF, steroidchris, Steve, Steve H, Steve1971, steve7786, SteveFR, Stevenknox, steveo1259, stevesulsh, SteveTDCi, steveyg, StewartWaudby, stewbie55, Stewfo, Stewprovo, STi69, Stonesie, Street, streetbeef, stu 157-330, stuartsjg, STUARTY-B, Stubaru, stubby205, stuFR, STW, Suddy, Sully114, sunny2k2000, supera, superstu88, Supervan II, super_electric, swannley, sweetfr, swilky23, swoosh225, T0DDY, t0m, t121anf, Taipan, TarekElsakka, Tartan58, Taxi350, TazLCR, TDI PEP, tehguy, TerrificToledo, terry, TerryCupra, terrymcg, tetsujin, TFSI TOM, th0m4s- c33, The Old Codger, theArchitect, theoldboy, TheSultanofPing, Thor_Asgard, three_cross, ThumpJunkie, Tiago_EO, Tiburon, tinky, tinnerrz, Tinny, TJenkos, toca72, toilet, tollydan, tom t, tom-1902, tom-coupe, tom.b, Tomas, Tomasz, Tomberto, tomblake1992, Tombstoneuk, TomH01, tomica, tommy12, tommy918, Tommyboy91, tommy_a, tommy_reap1988, tomwcupra, Tonezz, tonto, tony323ci, too hot, toocoolpash, toosmiles, toot, Top Dog, toptotz, ToroNegro, Torred1771, Toxic, Traction, tractorboy, TravisFR, treaclesponge, treehugger, Trekkie, trippy21, Tris179, Tron-19, TrophyJem, troupy, tshililow, TSI BOY, tsunami9, TTX, tuan21, TubbyTwo, Tuck3r, tundrarocks, turbo009, Turf Burner 09, tweedz, TwoZeroAlpha, UFO Yellow, ukriggers, Uncle Fester, Unit9, unsheenashashin, unyonion, Updown789, Uselesshippy, useyourname, Ushuss, usp, Valhalla, valverjam, vaudaz, VeeFource, Veyron, vfr400racer, VictorD, Viking, villa chris, vINyL3, Virdz, volts, vroomtshh, vt-marty, vtxracer, vwsurfbum, w.reid306, wackyracer, Wallie, warren_cox, Watto_uk, wayne lcr, wayne235, wb k1, Websta, webwysard, Weedall, WeeG, weestu, Weetz, WelshConan, welshmatt, Welsh_Steve, wenman, wes_keo, wheelwright, Wheely, Whitechapel, who me, WildWestHero, wilfus126, wilko_fr, wilky19, wilky87, Willlee81, willows86, Willz17, Wilson, Wire_Gal, wisejason, Wizzard, wjohnson, wmffra, Wolvotim, womble68, woody1986, Worsnup, WRC555, Wright5850, Wrighty, X cupra, Xabu-ST280, xander_leon, xavier de, xbethanyx, xDaNx, xhellixx, Xile, xreyuk, xrichevo, xxjay247xx, Yatesey8527, yea_good_1, yellonvi-R, YellowLCR, YIN, York, YorkshirePud, Youngy81, Zack265, zamzia, zermattbusby, ZiggyEP3, [M]ike
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