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Leon Mk3 Third Generation Leon 5 door, SC (Sport Coupé) and the ST (Sport Touring)

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Seat Leon Mk3 Cupra?

Hi all

Saw these pic's on the internet billed as the 2013 Seat Leon Mk3 Cupra 5dr sorry if these pic's have been posted before

Spec wise would love to see it put close to 280bhp out and have a lsd
Revo Updated Stage 1 Post Facelift Seat Leon Cupra Gone
Dynamic Grey Leon SC 280
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Cupra R
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Be nice if Quattro.
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sarcasm comes free
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I think that's a photoshop someone did on here
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still prefer the concealed rear doors
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i like the look of this!
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Based on the spy shots of the 5 door testing (likely to be the Cupra) it will have twin zorsts on either side, not a centre one.

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Originally Posted by littlefella View Post
still prefer the concealed rear doors
Me too. I can't quite get used to the door handles on the rear doors. It's so... family saloon! Yeeuchh!
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Got my geek on and watched the full length newly released design video and lookey here. Notice twin exhausts and bigger rear spoiler.

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Originally Posted by Syphon View Post
Got my geek on and watched the full length newly released design video and lookey here. Notice twin exhausts and bigger rear spoiler.

I think that pic is just 'beta' concept reference.

See the ridge/crease on the bumper behind the rear wheel ? Didn't make it into the final deisgn, so that leads me to thinking it's just a reference concept.

Anyway, I watched the entire video and the mk3 looks best in the last shots of this video.
It's nice to see the craftmanship of the team.

Still, I think the spot where the corner of the headlight meets the crease, is relatively high,
making for a more boxy silhouette of the nose.
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JCT600 Menston
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SEAT Leon SC due May 2013!
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