1. BMW e46 Beige Leather Interior Detail

    BMW e46 328 Interior – Topez Blue with beige leather. An interior detail only.. Product • 303 Aerospace Protectant • AutoSmart G101 • AutoSmart Bio-Brisk • Jeffs Werkstat Prime • LTT Auto Ultra Foam • LTT Step 1 Jean & Dye Transfer Remover • LTT Auto Ultra Protect • Water Car...
  2. Amr

    Beige Interiors?

    Hi Guys, Anybody has a LEON with original Beige interiors; either leather or non-leather. Pics would be great. Thanks,
  3. Did any trim level have beige seat belts?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever seen a spec of Ibiza/Cordoba that had beige/cream coloured seat belts? Or if anyone has that sort of colour and wants to swap them for black? lol Pete
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