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  • KoenG replied to the thread Leon VZ stage 1 mapped.
    The Michelin 4s is indeed an alround top performer and benchmark! The s5 most probably will be incredible, but is it available or...
  • KoenG reacted to Wyld Stallyn's post in the thread Leon VZ stage 1 mapped with Like Like.
    I found Michelin's 4S worked very well with our modified RCZ200 Looking to fit 5S to the Formentor 310 next year. 👍
  • jonny_w
    jonny_w reacted to Jay5959's post in the thread what did you and your mk3 leon do today with Like Like.
    Went for a drive to Spa whilst holidaying in Belgium. Guided tour was good and there was a few classic cars running the track, but no...
  • Fencer60
    Fencer60 reacted to Andy.M's post in the thread Most unreliable car with Like Like.
    Cupra worse than Land Rover??? I don't believe it. Apart from infotainment reboots, mines perfect.
  • SamuelDonuts
    SamuelDonuts replied to the thread VZ1 2.0 245.
    Really helpful - thank you. By luck I did a trip up north earlier in the week (leon) and over 90-odd miles got exactly 50.0MPG, that's...
  • Sorry for being so quiet! Well unfortunately not much of an update car wise. There were some issues with both the ECU immobiliser and...
  • Karbonfaiba
    Karbonfaiba replied to the thread Most unreliable car .
    Might have been the infotainment or SOS system that basically effected everybody at once, being counted in the reliability survey. Any...
  • New Cupra Leon owner here. Can anyone give some guidance on changing the speedo to kph. On my old Leon I had both markings in the speedo...
  • tracktoy replied to the thread Most unreliable car .
    well this came from Reuters today VW cut production of two of its lower-priced EVs in Europe blaming slow sales. The ID.3 and Seat...
  • jackmodral replied to the thread Leon Fr 2.0Tdi 184ps Remap.
    Do you know if this 100% fits the 184ps because a lot of them list the cr170 and the 184.
  • Wyld Stallyn
    Wyld Stallyn replied to the thread cupra listens.
    You need to set up a new account.
  • Well I tried and got this error message when selecting Vehicle-specific information It is not possible to call up...
  • oldgitdave
    oldgitdave replied to the thread cupra listens.
    I've had the email, link says "Oops! You'll be directed to the login page"? Tried my Seat/Cupra login but it doesn't work.
  • Wyld Stallyn
    Wyld Stallyn replied to the thread Most unreliable car .
    🤔 Probably asked ALL 4 horsemen of the whingepocalypse for their views. 🙈 Nobody asked me, mine's peachy 👍
  • vectra
    vectra reacted to Datagrid's post in the thread Jesus H Christ!! with Haha Haha.
    First time I drive my VZ2 hybrid on a dual carriageway I had a real fright - noisy as hell. Drove this way for about 5 miles before I...
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